Daily Prompt: Parallel

I believe Rorschach inkblots have parallel designs, one half is similar to the other half. I have a Rorschach design hanging on my living room wall to remind me of something very important. Always look for a positive view when things look black and white with undeniable facts. I’ve learned that a positive perspective is always parallel to the spirit and not always parallel to facts. In other words, a spiritual perspective will carry us through horrible looking circumstances where there is peace amidst the storms. For example, I see a heart trying to form and to connect in the above Rorschach picture.

A good spirit runs parallel to good fruit appearing in our attitude. Compassion runs parallel to a spirit that wants the best for others, but hatred stems from things we learn about those who are different. A lot of chaos is stirred up because of how we put facts together, but allowing peace to bloom in the spirit overrides cold and hard data. Respect for one another would be a lot different if we had to analyze the parallel sides of a Rorschach inkblot to pass a mental fitness test. We would want to give due respect to all sides of the picture. Definitely, when analyzing our own identity there will flow many spiritual adjectives. We know it is best not to be too analytical about ourselves, but allow the spiritual fruit to speak for who we are.

Christ had a very powerful way of making cold and hard scripture run parallel to a noble and good spirit. The law abiding religious leaders hated him for it. Christ’s life is parallel to the Holy Spirit, and Christ in us causes the fruit of the spirit to run parallel to our thoughts, emotions, and behavior.

via Daily Prompt: Parallel

(some fruit of the spirit include; prayer, love, peace, faith, perseverance, kindness, meekness, joy, self-control, goodwill, gentleness, goodness, and patience)

2 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Parallel

  1. These days, my best positive thought it “We’ll get by. We always do. I have no idea HOW we’ll do it, but we’ll do it.” And I’m reasonably sure that someone would find a place for us to live rather than leaving us to live in the car. That’s the theory, anyhow.


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