Daily Prompt: Genie

“I Dream of Genie” was always my favorite television series. Genie was a beautiful, smiling, kind, and willing genie under the ownership of a military officer. Today, I muse over the fact that a magical being that grants wishes is kept corked in a bottle under military watch. This is the same concept as Area 51 that is a mysterious place which is also guarded by a military presence. Magical or real, it is strange that many concepts relate to keeping a very special “box” under lock-and-key and inaccessible to the general public. Is it any wonder that it is difficult for us to believe in a spiritual presence that is alive within us to grant blessings.

We could assess that there is a very special area, box, or bottle within us that we need access to. Accessing that area releases a “genie” that fulfills spiritual wishes. Diagnosing the situation, we could say that even today there are some people that guard that “bottle” to prevent our awareness of spiritual power. They utilize anger, conflict, pessimism, hatefulness, isolation, and other negative feedback to prevent entry into that spiritually magical place. Even so, we plan to open the “box” of our inner being to access that off-limit area. It is there that wishes come true with an abundance of spiritual resources flowing with “milk and honey.” Once the bottle is open, we experience joy, love, peace, faith, perseverance, and many other mysterious powers of “Area 51.”

Christ came to let the genie out of the bottle. In his days, unless you were a Pharisee or Sadducee, death was the consequence for anyone who tried to access that off-limit place. Christ has opened the corked bottle of our inner being to unleash spiritual mystery to everyone. We are able to come into the presence of God.

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