Daily Prompt: Crank

A crank has a lot of purposes for setting something into motion. I’ve seen pictures of the Model T Fords that uses a crank handle to start the engine. There have also been those small aircraft that could be started by cranking the propeller. Then there were the cranks to lower and raise a bucket at a water well. My favorite is the crank used to set the process of ice-cream making into motion. Nowadays, we just push a button to set a process into motion. Spiritually, what cranks our thought processes, emotions, and behavior to start the process of blossoming with spiritual fruit?

Tears are definitely a crank that stirs our emotions to appreciate the better side of life. Tears at a funeral cranks our emotions and thoughts to desire life. Tears at a tragic accident cranks our internal processes to want a life free of terrible events. Tears at a wedding is from the overwhelming joy of all of our best dreams and hopes culminating into one event. And tears at a child’s high-school graduation is a mix of knowing the  separation to come and the jubilation of the moment. Somehow, the internal nature of flesh and blood desires life, happiness, freedom, peace, tranquility, health, and all good and pleasant elements.

The life of Christ is a crank that would easily stimulate tears of jubilation and tragedy from within a human being. We are definitely set into motion to know the tearful consequences of bad behavior, natural pain, as well as tears of pure joy. Christ in us is the crank to keep the spiritual fruit alive through all tearful situations that life brings to humanity.

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10 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Crank

    1. I would say that what provokes you to crankiness would be what needs to be changed. Your mental and emotional peace is more important than anything. Unless you become cranky at the things that bring you peace and comfort, then what consolation could there possibly be? People can be the source of our crankiness but we can’t remove them like we do things. So we have to rely on the spiritual fruit like patience, self-control, and endurance.

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