Earth Is Crammed With Heaven

“Earth is crammed with heaven.“ Elizabeth Barrett Browning

The phrase “earth is crammed with heaven” causes me to draw a similar comparison to understand what Elizabeth is saying. That is to say, earth is crammed with essential resources to provide life to every creature. In a similar way, our inner being is crammed with a divine presence that is the source of all life-sustaining qualities. When we are in touch with that inward divinity there is sustainability of life.
We can think of the inner divinity as being the source of the crop, or fruit, that sprout within us. Like a seed that is crammed within the earth, awaiting moisture and sunshine, our inward being is crammed with seeds of heaven. Those seeds give bloom to kindness, goodwill, gentleness, meekness, joy, goodness, patience, and self-control. As we honor the soft, moist, tenderness in us that seed blossom in our emotions and thoughts. Peace, love, faith, and perseverance grow on the earth creating harmony in this world.
Crammed within the earth is the source of our health. The crops of the earth give us nutrition, and the oceans, rivers, and lakes provide us a source for hydration. Likewise, the air in our world is what we need for oxygen as we breathe. Definitely, we want our earth, water, and air to be sanitary so that we can experience health in fulfilling our needs. Within us is the source of goodwill and goodness so that in the production of the earth’s resources, there are intentions of good health to one another. Crammed within ourselves are the spiritual fruits that make this world a place of healthy choices, and goodwill intentions.
Crammed within us are the resources to provide us security, and create a piece of heaven on earth. At times, we feel as though people are trampling on the seeds not allowing the fruit of our inner security to blossom. During those times, we want to be like a miner who carefully excavates resources for human survival. There are morsels of comfort, joy, and peace crammed within us. We can rely on those morsels to give us inner feelings of safety and security. Live within the moist softness of our inmost being and heavenly peace will bloom.
The resources necessary to bring acceptance and belonging are crammed within our inward being. However, sometimes we feel as if bridges of love to each other are demolished, then smashed and compacted into a non-functioning steel ball. Even so, within the compaction of our inward self, there is a divine presence that continues to live. A bit of heaven is crammed into that compaction where kindness, goodwill, and affection for others live. Those are the qualities that we want to excavate from within ourselves, by which we build bridges to others. The moisture in us opens the seed of heaven that is crammed within to provide loving social integration.
There will always be the source of our esteem crammed within us. That source is the divine presence that lives eternal to provide us the value we feel for ourselves, and others. However, at times we may feel like an automobile being dented, crashed, and compacted in preparation for the trash pile. Even then, there is a piece of heaven that is crammed within us to keep our esteem filled with the spirit of the divine. When the world around us dents us, we continue to feel love, peace, goodness, kindness, joy, and comfort from the divine presence in us. The optimism we feel for our self-worth blossoms from the seeds crammed into the moistness of our inner being.
There is heaven crammed into our self-expression. Sometimes we may feel that we are not given the opportunity to speak from the goodness that is in us. We feel that our self-expression is being suppressed, and we are not allowed to communicate as we desire. That suppression translates into feeling crammed to the point of responding with verbal hostility in words or behavior. Even so, like vital resources crammed in the earth, there are morsels of heaven that can tweet through our self-expression. With the soft, moist qualities of meekness and gentleness, we can excavate the qualities of peace, love, faith, and perseverance. We can speak and act from the divine presence in us.
Some people want to cram our inner being to solicit a response like a volcano spewing from the earth. They want to deny us the morsels of heaven crammed within us. They plant seeds of anger and depression in their efforts to eradicate the seedlings of heaven. There is no bargaining with them because they do not want to plant seeds to the divine inward presence. They want the garden of our soul to be crammed with rocks, hardness, and ill-will in our thoughts and emotions. We want to accept that our inner being is crammed with heaven by a divine presence in us. Then we will sprout with the fruit of love, peace, faith, and perseverance.
Our inner being is crammed with heaven. The source of that heaven is from the divinity that lives in us. That divine presence moistens the garden of our soul to blossom with goodwill, kindness, gentleness, meekness, joy, goodness, patience, and self-control. The garden of our soul ripens with love, peace, faith, and perseverance to provide essential nutrients to our world.

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