Daily Prompt: Deplete Society and Spiritual Resources?

I understand that everything is becoming deplete. Apparently, all natural resources are used up. Forests are depleting so we need to plant trees; icebergs are depleting and eventually water sources will evaporate, so we need to worry about global warming; notions of God and all sources of spirituality are deplete; and we are even told that the Sun has solar flares which could blow itself out. It goes on, access to adequate health care is deplete, a safe world no longer exists for anyone, civil society has been depleted, the anti-Christ is here, and optimistic attitudes have been exhausted. How can we possibly believe it all?

Something we can believe is the spiritual witness we have within ourselves. Rain forests might deplete, but the growth of the blossoms of the spiritual fruit are abundant. Ice and water might deplete, but the cool tender moistness of compassion continues to flow. The external search for God might return void, but we find God still alive within us. The source of life through the Sun’s energy might extinguish, but the source of faith, joy, and goodness continues within the soul. Sure enough, an external search for our salvation by saving the planet is more work than anyone on the planet can undertake. Abundance is found internally through the spiritual fruit.

Christ came to bring us spiritual abundance which comes so full that it is pressed down and overflowing. Inalienable rights are abused in the face of the depletion of natural resources. By the Christ in us, we have compassion for every area of inalienable rights.

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