Daily Prompt: Disrupt

I’m convinced that governments around the world are designed to disrupt. There is always a disturbance or problem caused by every activity, event, or process that they endeavor. They talk about health care and there is a disruption, talk about safety around us and there is disruption, talk about jobs and the economy and the same problems persist year after year, talk about the Middle East and the same drama continues. These are the same issues that the news media presents to us year after year after year. I have pretty much abandoned politics and “current affairs” for a better way.

Something that television programming cannot provide is peace, order, and sound teaching. I’m sure that all the disruption coming from the news media has driven me to be a seeker of the spiritual fruit. And I found what governments cannot provide; peace, love, and sound doctrine. Now, I am certain that I have become a politically incorrect and disruptive person with my spiritual words and behavior. All I want to do is to find and present love, joy, peace, faith, hope, and things of eternal value.

Christ came and caused a lot of disruption in a world that was hardened to the core in regards to their political and religious doctrine. He talked about one God for all the world, love for everyone, and the need for compassion on all levels of society. They murdered him. He is alive today and as we honor the Christ in us we blow through all the B.S. in this world and discover peace and truth.

via Daily Prompt: Disrupt

2 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Disrupt

  1. Man-made institutions, policies, rules, etc are inherently flawed. One of the best of these, IMO, is the US Constitution, which remains alive due to its malleable nature. It can evolve along with the minds of humanity.


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