Daily Prompt: Froth

Anyone knows the agitation created when a carbonated drink is dropped. It can’t be opened because of the pressure created inside which is evident by the foaming froth.  That agitating incident might cause us to engage into some frothy words. When the carbonated drink is left unshaken then it is safe to open without the spurting of the fluid. Similarly, when a person is left unshaken then there is not the spurting of worthless talk, ideas, or activities.

Unlike a carbonated drink, people have spiritual resources to enable us to maintain stability. We can avoid the surfacing of froth during times of agitation. Some people try to agitate us so that anger ferments until it surfaces into a froth of harmful words and behaviors. We can retain our peace by holding our tongue and walking away from potentially explosive situations. That helps. Even better, there is an internal flow of spiritual fruit that keeps us calm. Love for others prevents us from exploding towards others. And of course, spiritual peace gives unexplainable calm in very difficult situations.

To experience the spiritual fruit is to know God, and to know God is to honor Christ, and to honor Christ will produce the fruit of the holy spirit. Of course, people will say the fermenting of anger is natural, but love is divine.

via Daily Prompt: Froth

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