Daily Prompt: Thwart

Can you imagine having a beautiful watermelon garden with melons on the verge of ripening? But, one evening you arrive home from a social gathering to discover that the melons have been smashed by a vandal. Thwarted! Or call it sabotage. Some people seem to thrive on thwarting the fruitful expectations of others. If they are able to thwart your faith, joy, and peace it creates a person of negativity, anger, and conflict. When people feel sabotaged and prevented from realizing something they expect to happen, violence breaks out. And it happens in all sectors of society! There is no bargaining with those who maliciously intend to thwart expectations that enlivens. They can not bring themselves to accept the good fortune of others.

Expectations routed in the spirit can not be thwarted. Spiritual expectations are not based on money, nor earthly things that money can buy, nor physical qualities. Usually, the physical body is aggravated to thwart emotional and mental comfort, but patience and self-control overcomes adversity. Fear and insecurity sabotages our sense of stability, but meekness and gentleness overcomes the urge to lash out negatively. Non-acceptance and bullying prevents our social integration, but kindness and goodwill overcomes anti-social tendencies. To thwart mutual respect for one another beckons dominance over others, but recognizing one-God-for-all overcomes disparagement. Our identity is the sum of what we say and do, and our personal goals can not be thwarted if we define ourselves as a spiritual being. Our spiritual identity through faith, joy, and goodness cannot be thwarted.

The grave did not thwart Christ as God’s resurrection power was made visible. Christ in us makes available that resurrection power so that we can not be thwarted when life gets us down. We rise with spiritual power to bring love, peace, faith, and perseverance within a grave and treacherous world.

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2 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Thwart

  1. When my oldest son was about three, he and I planted pumpkins. Daily we tenderly tended to them, watering them and weeding them. Just as the pumpkins were ripening, we awoke one morning to find them picked and smashed in the yard. I did not enjoy having to explain that to a three year old.

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