Discipline Is Not Enjoyable While it Is Happening

“No discipline is enjoyable while it is happening…it’s painful!…but afterward there will be a peaceful harvest.” Hebrews 12:11

When we feel pain from cruel and hateful sentiments, the source usually comes from those with bad intentions. They do not necessarily intend to destroy our fleshly nature; their purpose is much more treacherous than that. Their intent is to discourage our desire to connect with the divinity that lives in us. The divinity in us is our source of sanity, peace, and physical well-being.

The reason we feel pain from the harsh attacks of others is because their aim is to harden the soft, moist qualities in us. Those tender qualities include peace, comfort, joy, love, and self-control. They are stoning the very qualities that make us feel the joy of a smile within.  The hardness in us is what feels pain, like concrete cracking under the weight of a hammer.

Within our inner softness lives the divine nature of God, where comfort, joy, and peace live. Let’s respond to harassment with the spirit of peace so that a bountiful supply of that peace blossoms.

Our health depends on responding to painful experiences with love, peace, and meekness. Some people want us to experience the worst in life to bring pain to us mentally and physically. They want to put on a show for us to fill our five senses with turmoil. They want us to see cruelty, hatred, and evilness. They want us to hear sounds of torment that are harsh, saddening, and demoralizing. They want us to feel pain, hurt, to harden our emotions. There may have even been times when you tasted something that just made you feel horrible in your emotions. A harsh environment like that can give us mental health issues, and lead to self-destructive behaviors.

Our response to the terror around us should be a meek, gentle response. That is when we love the divinity in us despite the chaos in the worldly environment. Let’s respond in the spirit of peace for  flourishing with peace in our mental, emotional, and physical health.

Our inner security depends on responding to difficult circumstances from the soft, moist qualities that live in us. Exposure to an environment that brings pain makes us feel insecure, unsafe, and terrorized. We may wonder where is our security, why can so many people be allowed to take away our sense of safety and security? When we feel vulnerable, defenseless we often cannot come to rational solutions. We can only be secure in the knowledge that they are attacking the divine nature in us, because they see something divine in us.

We can feel comfort knowing that gentle responses secure our safety. The divine nature includes the soft, tender, moistness in us, which brings safety to us. Let’s respond with peace to flourish in peace to establish security in the social environment.

We often experience pain relating to relationships, friends, and family. There are many times when the one person we want to be near, the one who makes us smile is denied to us. Relationships that bring us to love, peace, joy and social harmony seem to be hijacked and removed from our lives. That happens in the schools, at work, in the homes, the church, and at community settings. To be denied those loving relationships that bring smiles, hugs, and laughter can be painful. Any other relationship does not have the true qualities to make us feel accepted, or to belong. The pain we feel could lead to hostile behavior, and isolation from the population.

That is why it is essential to honor that divinity in us, to respond to hurtful social experiences with the meekness of peace. Let our responses of peace flourish with peace within our social interactions.

When we feel pain from the hostile behaviors of others, we do not feel a value for ourselves. The pain hurts so much that we want to make it go away. We cannot feel that others value us as a person, so we give up trying to accomplish in a hostile environment. We may feel so worthless that we want to go away, and sometimes forever. Alternatively, we feel no value for the ones who cause us pain, and we want to make them disappear, forever. To save ourselves from self-destructive behaviors, or hostile behaviors to others, we must feel comfort, joy, and peace.

Those qualities generate from that divinity which live sin us. When we respond with peace to the attacks on our sense of self-worth, we are conveying that divine nature in us. When we respond with peace then peace will flourish in our sense of worth and in the value we place on others.

When we feel the pain of inner turmoil, we often express it verbally or non-verbally. We might respond to the people who cause our pain with verbal hostility, which causes quarrels. Those quarrels might escalate to violence. We also respond with non-verbal hostilities, using many various “obscene” gestures to communicate our retaliation to harassment. To those who harass the divine nature in us, they feel they have won the victory when your self-expression becomes hardened with hostility.

Let our verbal and non-verbal responses convey peace, and let the victory be of the divinity that lives in us. May our responses through the spirit of peace flourish with peace in the exchange of communication.

Some people want to deny us the comfort, joy, and peace that we discover in the presence of the divine nature within us. They want to eliminate the smile from blossoming on our face, which flows from the joy in us. They want to keep us in pain and turmoil to turn us away from the inner source of peace. They want us to live with inward anger, and emotional depression for  shutting out the divinity that is deeply in us. Those people prefer to relate to the pain and agony that is in you, and to ignore the pleasant fruit of peace. However, accepting the divine nature in yourself, and in others is the path to peace. That peace brings mental, physical, and social comfort. Let’s respond to the negativism of others with peace, and peace will flourish.

The divine nature in us generates peace in our emotions and thoughts to surpass the pain that others wish to cause us. The divinity in us fills us with peace, meekness, and gentleness when others want us to feel the agony. The divine nature keeps us in the spirit of love, goodwill, and kindness amidst hostile attacks to our inward softness. Our faith in the goodness in us keeps joy bubbling within. We will discover patience and self-control to persevere during painful experiences. Pain and hurt are not pleasant to experience, but when we respond through the spirit of peace then peace will flourish.

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