If the Bee Disappears So Will We?

“If the bee disappeared off the face of the earth, man would only have four years to live.” Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein considered the bee to be so significant that the survival of the human race depends on them. The bee pollinates and cross pollinates the plants, which allows the vegetation to flourish. From that vegetation we have food, clean air, etc. hence there is sustainability for our existence. Albert Einstein’s theory can be known in more detail through personal research.

There is a divine presence within the human body that is essential to our existence. That inward divinity is the “bee,” so to speak, that pollinates our inmost being. The pollination within our soul seeds our thoughts, emotions, and behavior with the essential elements necessary for our survival. Honoring that divine source with reverence adds infinity to life.

The pollination of our inner being enables the blossoms of the spiritual fruit. By the fruit of the spirit, we have divine qualities that enable life to continue through the eons of time. We need to be loving people of goodwill and kindness to live in social harmony. In addition, peace, meekness, and gentleness add tranquility to the masses of the world. Furthermore, faith, goodness, and joy provide an optimism that enhances our view of the future. Moreover, perseverance, self-control, and patience keep us on a steady course of fruitful living. We are pollinated with the spiritual fruit by that divine inner presence.

If pollination of health by the spiritual fruit did not exist, the human population would cease to exist. Consider the atmosphere if just three fruits, goodwill, kindness, and love are extinguished from our inward being. That would fill the body with ill-will, cruelty, and hatred relating to the health of one another.

Instead of a sanitary environment, disease causing pathogens would invade. For example, in sexual activity disease would continue with no goodwill in finding a cure. Likewise, when producing food and drinking water, there would be no kindness, causing ill-processed resources that we consume. Without feelings of love for one another the air we breathe would be polluted, and every other aspect of our health is subject to disease. Without goodwill, love, and kindness, no one would be around to watch over our health interests.

If pollination of security by the spiritual fruit did not exist, the human population would cease to exist.

Meekness, gentleness, and peace are essential qualities to bring a safe and secure world. If those qualities are absent from the spirit, then that is a world of terror without possibility of tranquility.

Everyday we would experience violence, harshness, and forced domination over others. The physical, mental, and emotional anguish of constant abuses, threats, violence and chaos would result in the whittling away of the human population.

If pollination of belonging by the spiritual fruit did not exist, the human population would cease to exist. The societal cohesion from around the world would cease to be.

The qualities of peace, love, faith, and perseverance are essential to bond the human race civilly. Is there any question what our social atmosphere would be without those qualities?

The human race would be rampant with war, hate, faithless to others, with no consistency in cohesion. Every area of societal bonding would break down into rivalry, including schools, workplace, homes, community events, and the church. The human society would be wiped off the face of the earth if the divine qualities of the spirit were absent within us.

If pollination of self-worth by the spiritual fruit did not exist, the human population would cease to exist. The value we feel for our worth would not exist.

Consider three of those fruits that do wonders to build our esteem, goodness, joy, and faith. Imagine sensing a goodness about ourselves, to feel joyful in our self-estimation, and to have faith in coming blessings.

However, for those qualities to be void in the human race would leave us with evilness about our worth. We would be saddened about what we are, and faithless for future endeavors. In essence, there would seem to be no future, and only evilness in the present. The value of the worth of the human race would be wiped off the face of the earth without the divine fruit of the spirit.

If pollination of self-expression by the spiritual fruit did not exist, the human population would cease to exist. Communication would not exist without the divine fruit of the spirit.

Verbal and non-verbal self-expression should include self-control, patience, and perseverance to allow mutual exchanges. Self-control allows us to hold our tongue or responses so that we can listen fruitfully. Patience allows us to speak a word only when something edifying can be said or done. Perseverance allows us to seek goodness in word and deed on a continual basis.

Without those divine qualities, communication would be filled with uncontrollability, impatient with other’s ideas, and inconsistent with every word or deed conveyed. Communication would be incapable of holding the human race together, and would lead to further hostility. The population of the people would be wiped off the face of the earth without communication flowing from a divine spirit.

Some people do not comprehend the essential value of the bee to sustain human life. Likewise, some people deny the vital nature of the divine inner presence that pollinates us with spiritual fruit. From their disregard for the pollination of the spirit’s fruit among one another they induce anger, depression, and societal ill. They refuse to find mutual ground with those who desire to cross-pollinate with love, peace, faith, and perseverance. They refuse to accept the divinity in each person, which produces the qualities necessary to sustain life.

We can assess that without the qualities of the divine spirit in us, the human race would be wiped off the face of the earth. The diagnosis is that some people do not want those qualities to live within us, causing social deterioration. Even so, we plan to live according to the divinity in us where goodness for the world blossoms. We implement that plan by honoring the divine presence in us, where the soft, moist, tender qualities exist. The evaluation involves seeking the qualities of meekness, gentleness, goodwill, kindness, joy, and goodness to within us. We want to convey peace, love, faith, and perseverance to bring longevity to the human race.


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