Daily Prompt: Haul

(The photo is the actual dryer moving through the city)

A month ago, a huge dryer for the new paper factory was hauled through the small city that I live in.  The factory is self-automated and employees will not be drawn from this poverty-stricken and drug infested area. The people here are dried and parched from the wear and tear of the haul of everyday life. It was literally a dark and cloudy day, clouds without water, no precipitation. The huge, huge, dryer being hauled through the city took hours to traverse four miles across town. The hauling required days from the point of origin to the city. They made it an event comparable to a parade. It was a dark irony that this parched population of people had to watch the hauling of that dryer through their neighborhoods.

Within our spirit, what are we hauling from day to day? Are our words and actions like a huge dryer that parches the hope and will of those we encounter? Or are we hauling the waters of life to bring hope, goodwill, joy, and love to the parched and withering souls? We would not want to be a dark and waterless cloud hovering over a garden. That is like a promise that will never be kept. Sometimes to share a smile, loving words, and a charitable act means a lot. A little kindness can be like a cup of water given to someone in a hot, dry, and parched desert.

Christ came to bring abundant life and made it known that he is the water of life. He restored the health of those abandoned, brought peace to those terrorized, invited unconditional social acceptance, made us aware of our divine worth to God, and replaced negativity with a positive sprit. May we also be willing to haul the fruit of the holy spirit to bring nourishment to a parched world.

via Daily Prompt: Haul

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