Daily Prompt: Frigid

Cleanliness has a connection to a frigid environment. In the very cold temperatures, where there is nothing to be seen except snow and ice, we might remark how clean, orderly, and tranquil it all seems. But, the frigid cold is not ideal for a family day at the park. Another type of clean is found in hospitals, prisons, psychiatric hospitals, and other such institutions. But they are frigid! The occupants of those places are not able to interact and they show no friendliness or enthusiasm. The workers are formal in behavior and style. Of course, those places are not ideal as a resort for a family fun day. The choice between a clean prison or a clean park is easy to make.

The warmth of spiritual cleanliness is much different than the frigid nature of worldly cleanliness. When we are spiritually clean, we desire social interaction that blossoms with acceptance of one another. Accepting others provides a warm place of belonging where intimacy is abundant. People become friendly and informal in their presentation of smiles, hugs, and pleasant interactions. Their spirits are full of peace, kindness, goodwill, love, and joy. But, a spiritually frigid environment has no display of affections. Their cleanliness is more like a winter landscape, prison, hospital, psychiatric hospital, or other such places.

The spiritual fruit wards off frigid environments to provide social warmth wherever they appear in the spirit. Christ came into a frigid world to make us clean spiritually. That is the will of God for all creation, to be warm and spiritually clean. Through the fruit of the holy spirit the inner frigidness melts and we become warm social creatures.

via Daily Prompt: Frigid

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