Daily Prompt: Churn

We often think of a churn as being a machine to turn milk and cream into butter, and that it is. They say the churning process agitates the milk and cream to produce butter. How often do we feel like the milk and cream that is churning? If you can envision the seas churning vigorously you have a picture of what is happening within the process. Often, vigorous churning causes an area of a surface to be broken up. We would hope that if we are broken inwardly it would bring improved results. Something like churning investments in order to generate commissions.

The churning of our thoughts, emotions, and behavior produces a more stable and fruitful character. Vigorous churning exists in physical health; will we ever have adequate health care? We must persevere. We are agitated and stirred by violence and terror; when will peace come? We must grasp hold of a meek and gentle spirit. Our soul vigorously churns for loving social interaction. We must be compassionate. We are tossed about in the moment as if worthless, but with patience we are made to feel the shaping of our divine worth. Positive energy is within the churning process to transform our character.

The churn within us consists of Christ, God, and the Holy Spirit. As we honor Christ, the vigorous experiences of life will churn the inward texture of milk and cream. The result is to break the surface into the presence of God and create the blossoms of the spiritual fruit within us.

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