Daily Prompt: Explore

To explore covers a lot of territory. Exploration can come through travel, a search for resources, an initiation of discussion, and can be an examination by touch or surgically. Bloggers help one another to explore travel through photos, to explore a wide range of resources, and even to open ourselves to the possibility of discussion. Behaviors of exploration requires an open mind with emotions ready to absorb the results of the exploration. Exploration of our inward being is also possible and we can discover the source of spiritual life.

We can travel through the feelings of our internal life to explore the wet feeling of milk and honey. The place where we discover the softness of the spiritual fruit. Exploration leads us to discover the internal resources that enables us to endure life through faith, peace, love, and even joy. Since the beginning of time, our spiritual existence creates exploration of an entity beyond our own. The exploration and discussion of God will continue eternally into the future. The fruit of the spirit is not in another earthly country that we can travel to for the purpose of obtaining it. We cannot touch it nor point to it through a surgical incision. It is spirit and the source lives within us.

Christ offered every opportunity to enable us to explore the secret things of the spirit. He has torn the inner veil from top to bottom, (head to toe), so that we can enter into the riches of the spirit. He even offered the exploration of physical evidence by offering the nail prints of his hands. Where we explore the waters of the spiritual fruit we also discover Christ, and that is where we will find God.

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4 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Explore

  1. Nice article,
    I have nominated you for this BloggerChums award, it is a new award, I hope you are ok with the nomination.
    here is the link hpkahin.wordpress.com/2018/04/02/1123/
    Thanks and regards!

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    1. Thanks for the nomination FeelPurple, i’m OK with your kind considerations of me.. I feel like this is the spot where I say, ” I choose to decline this nomination in hopes of giving life to all the other candidates for the BloggersChums award.” I’m waiting for the day when someone says, “You have won, and now let the blogging world know.”

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