Daily Prompt: Radiant

A neighbor’s porch light or a nearby street light can be very radiant. So radiant that it shines extremely bright into our window to cause us to cook inwardly with annoyance or anger. It occurred to me that radiance can be something that shines and glows brightly, or radiant energy is designed for cooking or heating. Spiritually, it is the same coin with two different sides. Christ’s light radiates brightly through all the churches around the world. It shines through the window of the soul of people everywhere to cause many to burn up with intense hatred for his teachings. The light shines in the darkness, but to some it is annoying, irritating, and causes anger.

Compared to Christ, other spiritual teachings are a radiant light in smaller doses and can cause irritation and annoyance as well. Even so, we let our little light radiate. Anywhere where the light of compassion shines in the darkness of hate, cruelty, and ill-intent there is going to be opposition from those who cook inwardly. A tranquil spirit that shines in an environment of harsh and aggressive violence will stir up heated emotions from the anarchists. A spirit emitting the radiance of optimism in an evil, pessimistic, and faithless environment will experience the negativity from those emitting their internal fire. And a person with an enduring spirit blossoming with spiritual fruit will experience anger and irritation from those who intend to end notions of God, Christ and the fruit of the Holy Spirit.

I am going to let my little light shine in the darkness of this world that seems to oppose God, his son, and the holy spirit.

via Daily Prompt: Radiant

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