Daily Prompt: Toxic

We experience toxic exposure everyday. The world is changing all around us and some say for the worse. Religion along with an internal spiritual awareness suffers the toxicity of intolerance. Our effort to guide one another into a safe path suffers from chaotic and violent instability. Soft, charitable, and kind social endeavors suffers from the toxicity of indifference and ungratefulness. Placing great worth on a divine universal being of our soul is definitely a toxic subject. And the ability to express ourselves from genuine and unique internal feelings definitely seems to be poisoned. It’s as if we are suppose to abandon our internal life in order to accept the special awareness of modern technology.

To poison the internal fruit of the Holy Spirit, in favor of modifying behavior to accept the special awareness within modern technology, terrifies people. Conversations of living in the age of the Anti-Christ, and the Mark of the Beast is becoming more and more visible. People want to talk about love, kindness, and goodwill, but people don’t seem to be internally open to it. Many would love to talk about peace, meekness, and gentleness but no one is opening their doors to that tone. We hope that people would welcome within themselves the attitude of faith, goodness, and joy…but they don’t. Even to speak of patience, self-control, and perseverance causes internal doors to slam.

As internal doors close to the spiritual fruit people brag by saying “we know,” “we see,” “we are,’ we can be,” etc. Whatever initiates their special awareness it is definitely toxic to internal spiritual life.

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