Daily Prompt: Warning

A warning relates to the future as cautionary advice and shapes the destiny of the generations to come. There are warnings about global warming, warnings about the ill-effects of guns, warnings about tobacco, drug, and alcohol use. Overall, the warnings relate to the world as we know it today. If change comes by heeding the warning “labels” then the future generations will be living in a paradise on earth.

Warnings also correspond to faith, perseverance, patience, hope, and optimism. But, warnings could also cause despair, pessimism, anxiety, and fatal attitudes. The younger generation probably view warnings as encouragement, approval, and assurance of a better world to come by correcting their behavior today. They are permitted to protest and rebel against the world as we know it today. But, the more senior generation might interpret those warnings as impending danger, problem, or other unpleasant situation. Instead of feeling like a part of the utopia to come they feel left out, discouraged, angry, and unwanted.

Hope is found in the spirit of eternity where the human body is treated as the home where the divine presence of the universe lives. The spirit of eternity also beckons that we are good stewards of the earth’s environment and all that is entrusted to us. Whatever generation we belong to, let’s espouse our eternal home that arrives through the spiritual fruit. After all, eternity is for the whosoever!

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8 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Warning

  1. Thanks, even though I think the kindergarten children have much more wisdom than I do. “From the mouth of babes….” Anyway, I’m grateful that we can have some positive interactions with each other. I think that is about the extent of anything wise that I have to say. A sincere thank you for your kind words.


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