Daily Prompt: Betrayed

Being a wolf in sheep’s clothing is about as deep as a betrayal that anyone will find. The wolf and it’s pack are definitely not betrayed, but the sheep and those affected by the misrepresentation certainly are betrayed. It causes a person to be treacherously exposed to danger. Often, people will speak of how love has betrayed them. That was the wolf in sheep’s clothing that betrayed them, not love. I recall how Judas betrayed Jesus with a “loving” kiss, but it was not the kiss that betrayed Jesus. It was the wolf who used the kiss in a treacherous way that brought the betrayal.

Spiritual qualities are not capable of betraying us. Some people will attempt to use kindness, happiness and love in external displays to mislead someone. You know, like doing things to “butter someone up” to manipulate their behavior. But, it is the internal source of the spiritual fruit that will never betray us. Treacherous people want to deny you the ability to be in touch with the internal integrity of the spirit’s fruit. They want you to focus on external appearances so that you can be easily led according to the information they provide. In fact, they really have no connection with joy, peace, and other spiritual qualities at all. Not any more than a wolf has a connection with a sheep.

The internal moisture of the “milk and honey” is there for us 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The fruit of the good spirit works for us and is not capable of betrayal. Let’s not be betrayed by external deceptions of spiritual qualities, but let’s always stay in touch with the internal source of devotion.

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