Daily Prompt: Quartet

Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons were a very popular quartet in the 1960’s era. Opinions about their performances as a quartet can range from adding a few new buds to fruitful memories or being downright cold and not giving them an inkling of respect. Opinions are words and actions that reveal from which season we respond from. In attitude, spirit, or personality we could be spring, summer, fall, or winter. Spiritually, people have four seasons ranging from new spring buds or being cold.

The spiritual season of Spring is when new fruit in our spirit begin to bloom. Some might call this the beginning of enlightenment, awakening, or being born again. The spiritual Summer is when the fruit of the spirit is in full bloom and we live in that fullness as others are able to benefit from the spiritual fruit as well. The spiritual Fall is a time when we begin to lose interest in living by the spirit of love, peace, faith, and perseverance. Those fruit begin to fall from our spirit as the difficulties of life begin to sour our disposition. The spiritual Winter is when a person is void of spiritual qualities and even become hateful, hostile, and despairing as they seek to end spiritual awareness.

The most important element is the root of a tree in any season. As long as the roots remain, there is always the hope of the resurrection of life. Those roots absorb the moisture necessary for life. Let us rejoice when our roots are full of soft, moist, and wet waters of life. And let us always remain with hope in the winter where there is always the possibility of the awakening and rebirth of spiritual life.

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