Daily Prompt: Micro

Irony of all ironies is that it seems like most words that begin with micro have huge uses, not small at all. Mention the word microchip and immediately everyone knows the huge power of computer capabilities. There are microfilms, microbursts, microscopes, microphones, and of course microwaves. Even thousands of years ago the people were talking about the phenomenon of the mustard seed. It is a micro seed that grows to be a huge plant. Why do many people feel small, belittled, downsized, and unseen in our modern era? People who reduce spiritual self-esteem to micro proportions probably focus more on the worth of the microchip.

All it takes is a micro portion of the divine seed and other people will begin to ridicule, berate, and disparage you. It’s like they have a microfilm with secret blueprints of the spiritual keys to your inner life. Maybe they realize that if someone looks at your life under a microscope they will find joy, love, and a compassionate soul. Those qualities in micro form could cause a wet microburst affecting many people around you. Could it be that even our micro spirituality is too much of a challenge for even the potential of a powerful microchip?

In today’s age, we just have to remember that having our self-esteemed trampled puts us in the same category as all the other micros. I believe that a micro spiritual seed has more potential than the most powerful microchip.

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