Daily Prompt: Inefficient

I believe the quote, “love people use things” is attributed to Matt Fradd. I can envision how inefficient the world would be if we loved things and used people. When students  walk out of school it definitely reveals that the educational system is not able to make the best use of school time and resources. That is because the students feel unloved and unsafe when things that other people love are being used to hurt them. Citizens all around the world feel that they are being used while governments go about with a love for whatever the thing is that they are doing. World leaders are often accused of being inefficient. In a search for efficiency; businesses develop a love for the thing called “self-automation” while people are left to feel unemployable and unloved.

Spiritual qualities corrects inefficiencies by restoring order where people are loved and things are used.  It is a miracle how spiritual love is able to restore maximum productivity simply by placing less importance on things. We make the best use of our time and resources when we care about the people and environment around us. When people are shown kindness, goodwill, and love, while espousing those same qualities, then positive things happen to restore productivity. Mutual respect is essential when seeking efficiency. Efficiency exists within spiritual qualities.

While most crimes occur by using people to obtain things, let us restore spiritual efficiency that gives greater love to the spiritual fruit.

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9 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Inefficient

    1. I always emphasize fruitful attitudes along with mutual respect to avoid confusion. I imagine that all the school shooters have a warped sense of mutual respect for one another. For some reason, I feel it necessary to emphasize the humane form of mutual respect, which comes through the fruit of the sprit.

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  1. I’m trying to like this post, & it’s made me re-login about 3 times now. Grrr lolll This happens on everyone’s blog, not just yours. Can’t figure it out & it’s drivin’ me nuts!
    Great post 😉 So many people are lost & misguided .. hope they find their way soon xo


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