Daily Prompt: Swallow

The alluring bait entices the fish to swallow the hook, line, and sinker. It’s too gruesome to talk about the impact of absorbing a hook that deep into the digestion system. Nevertheless, it seems that wherever there is something physical happening there is also a spiritual counterpart. It prompts me to ask, which lure are you swallowing hook, line, and sinker?

Here is one type of hook, line, and sinker: The hook represents the thought that there is nothing divine about our inner life. There is no connection to the “Universe,” not to “God,” and nothing else resembling a higher sense of spiritual authority. The line cast to us results in cutting off thoughts, emotions, and behavior from spiritual endeavors. There is brokenness internally and with one another. The sinker is the weight of human turmoil through agony in thoughts and emotions which leads to chaotic behavior.

Here is another type of hook, line, and sinker: The hook is the belief in a divine internal presence that turns our focus inwardly. When we smile we open into that presence, but a frown closes the door in that very same spot. The line cast to us is like a life-float made of the spiritual fruit that connects our thinking, feeling, and behavior to be united in positive energy. There is internal wholeness and compassion towards others. The sinker represents the weight of the flesh persevering with faith and comfort through spiritual qualities.

Believing in something that makes sense of an internal presence, and understands the nature of day to day living, is easy to swallow hook, line, and sinker.

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