Daily Prompt: Foreign

Elements that are foreign to human comprehension often inspires belief in higher intelligence and a life form more advanced than our own. Crop circles, for example, enable us to believe in something beyond flesh and blood. But, instead of being an unexplained occurrence, what if they were a hoax and not foreign at all. That means every world power is turning a blind eye to that phenomenon by turning off their high-tech surveillance equipment. Even then, that would reveal a tremendous amount of co-operation between foreign world powers to hide the source of the crop circles. Which means that foreign powers are more “one for all and all for one” than we would ever hope.

Whether a hoax or for real the foreign nature of the creation of the crop circles teach us this: there is a higher power! If the cooperation of the world powers are hiding something it makes the violence in the world look suspicious. In that case, we need to rely on goodwill, peace, and kindness with our neighbors more than ever. In the case that the crop circles reveal a higher life form than our own, then we are definitely inspired to believe in something beyond flesh and blood.

God is not an earthly government, nor a higher form of intelligence light years away in another galaxy. God is right here with us! God is absolutely foreign to flesh and bones, but is right here with us through the spirit. May the signs of God’s presence be in us through the spiritual fruit. Peace, love, and light to you all.

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