Fruit of Social Belonging

Our social life consists of the various relationships we form from day to day. Those relationships include friends, family, and within sensual intimacy. We want to feel loving acceptance amidst our belonging with one another. Those societal connections can be fruitful experiences, or destructive, depending upon the quality of our inner life.

The bonds of relationships are as dependable as our hospitality to the divine goodness within us. Welcoming that inner divinity is to invite the spirit of goodness in our social interactions. That is the source from where we value the vibrancy of life in one another. The deity of our soul causes the spiritual fruit to blossom among our friends, family, and in sensual intimacy. Friends are those people who accept us through the spirit of life, convey a sense of goodness, and want you to be fruitful. Sensual intimacy comes through that divine inner presence. The definition of family becomes those who are in tune to the inward qualities of a heavenly nature.

The spiritual fruit provides the necessary qualities to form bonds with each other. The spirit of love, goodwill, and kindness brings affection within our acceptance. Friends are patient with one another, and exercise self-control to keep relationships together. They persevere through various circumstances. The fruit of the spirit enables pleasant sensual intimacy through the spirit of gentleness, meekness, and peacefulness. Optimism permeates social mingling through the spirit of joy and goodness, instilling faith for the divinity of the family.

Whom we form relationships with will play a role in our attitude toward the health of the body. Friends are people who accept us with a compassionate concern for the welfare of our health. Those friends care for our emotional, mental, and behavioral health, as well as in what we drink, eat, and breathe. That includes desiring rejuvenating rest for us, and living in a sanitary and disease-free manner. They want you to feel the inner love that gives a healthy and vibrant life within social acceptance. That includes good sensual intimacy in relationships through the spiritual fruit. The fruit of the spirit within our social intent develops into a healthy community.

Whom we form relationships with will play a role in how safe and secure we remain. Friends accept us with the intentions of bringing comfort, peace, and tranquility to contribute to our desire to feel protected. Those friends make us feel safe from bodily harm, shelter us with compassion, and embrace us with a stabilizing optimism. Their desire is to impart the spirit of peace as they accept you into a loving place of belonging. That includes making us feel serene in our sensual intimacy within the embrace of compassionate and fruitful affection. The spiritual fruit provides a safe and secure environment for the communal family to grow.

Whom we form relationships with will play a role in what we feel about our worth. The praise and encouragement of friends add to the positive feelings within our significance. Those friends respond with compassion to build our esteem, fill our egos with respect, and to make us feel worthy in social venues. They want you to experience your worth as a friend through the supreme and divine love that already exists within your soul. Their intent is for you to feel worthy of bonds of sensual intimacy through the spiritual fruit. The family born of the supreme inner presence consists of individuals who sense their worth within social gatherings.

Whom we form relationships with will play a role in how we express ourselves. Friends welcome us with words and deeds that communicate a loving and peaceful spirit. They convey optimism, affection, and tolerance concerning our thoughts, beliefs, inspirations, and creativity. Fruitful self-expression is what friends delight in. They want you to speak words, and do deeds within social interactions that flow from inner love, acceptance, and open-mindedness. That includes expressing your sensual intimacy through the spiritual fruit within your place of social belonging. The spirit’s fruit flowing through what we say and perform contributes to the family atmosphere within society.

The cycle of blossoming with social fruitage begins with the harbingers, who mold their corporate relationships with spiritual fruit. Those harbingers are compassionate, peaceable, optimistic, and dependable in the spirit of goodness. There is neither anger nor pessimism within their process of accepting others. They feel love and kindness. They make an effort to form mutual bonds through the fruit of goodwill. The harbingers accept, and welcome the divinity of the soul as the source of social harmony. The harbingers become reservoirs, a resource of people living through the spirit of goodness. They mesh together with one another through love, peace, faith, and perseverance.

Specific attitudes flow from the reservoirs of social fruitage. That includes harmony, tolerance, gentleness, hospitality, optimism, and consistency. Those attitudes will transfer through people who notice and desire the traits of compassion, friendship, loving sensual intimacy, and family unity. Then, social fruit will enter us because we are open to sense that we are worth every morsel of love that seeps through harmonious fellowship. We want to belong among people whose communal qualities include the blossoms of love, goodwill, and kindness.

As the divine fruit within social belonging enters into us, we become a host to compassion. We become a host because we feel a concern for one another’s health, safety, worth, and way of expressing themselves. The cycle of conveying social fruitage is perpetual from the harbinger to the host. That is possible only through the softness, moistness, and tenderness of the spiritual fruit living within us.

We can assess that our social belonging corresponds to the presence of the spiritual fruit within one another. The diagnosis is that friends accept us through the spirit of love, welcomes sensual intimacy, and contributes to communal harmony. In that light, we plan to relate to others through the divinity of the soul, the source of the spirit’s fruit. We implement that plan by responding to one another through the softness and moistness of our inner being. We evaluate our success according to the spirit of love, peace, faith, and perseverance that blossoms through us to others.

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