Daily Prompt: Invisible


It is interesting how we rely on invisible aspects from day to day to ensure every single thing we do. The noises we hear are invisible, the aromas we smell are invisible, the flavors we taste are invisible, and the sensations we feel are invisible. About the only part of the natural senses of the human being that are not invisible are the things that the eyes see. Naturally, our survival depends on the invisible world. I venture to say that the fruit of the spirit is our sixth sense.

Why is it so difficult to believe in the invisible things of the spirit? Certainly not because spiritual qualities are unseen because we rely on the unseen every moment of our day. The invisible nature of the spiritual fruit are just as essential to our survival as are sounds, tastes, feelings, and odors. I hope we all learn that a connection to the invisible qualities of life is part of survival. Let’s connect to the spiritual world through the same faith that we depend on other unseen indicators. May we learn to depend on the spiritual fruit as our sixth sense.

Through invisible prayers I send you joy, peace, faith, goodness, and love.

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