Daily Prompt: Blush

There have been times when I blushed when someone has read a paragraph to me from one of my own writings. That was a good kind of blushing. Today, I will follow the definition of blush as being a reddening of the face as a sign of embarrassment or shame. I have seen females blush when their purse falls to the floor and several very personal items are exposed to the world. I have also seen males blush when a bulge in the pants appears in a crowd of people. Things happen that are not necessarily “bad,” but we feel shame or embarrassment. Too often, others try to shame us, embarrass us, and outright bring us unbearable ridicule because of their own impure attitudes.

There is a saying, “To the pure, all things are pure, but to those who are corrupted and do not believe, nothing is pure.” To me, the filthiest type of corruption is to shame and embarrass people to the point of unhealthy behavior. Some people discover what it is that makes you blush and they hurl shame upon shame along with public humiliation to cause you to hate yourself. Not only to hate yourself but to hate others and even the public. Extreme embarrassment and humiliation can lead to self-harm, violence towards others, and overall creates a life of unfruitful behavior.

As long as we allow the spiritual fruit to live in us there is no condemnation, no extreme embarrassment, and no extreme shame. To the pure in spirit all things are pure. Let our spirit be pure where the physical aspects of this world has no grounds for ridicule. Physical appearances and other physical things should never have precedence over love, peace, faith and perseverance. There is no shame in a spirit full of joy, goodness, kindness, goodwill, patience, self-control, meekness, and gentleness.

(The above quote is from Titus 1:15 of the Bible)

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