Daily Prompt: Patience

! We know a playful spirit from a frustrated spirit when we see it. Patience makes the difference between the two. The spirit of a dog that enjoys the open air is much different than an exasperated dog trying to open a toy wrapped in gift paper. Yes, animals have a spirit too! After some patience and endurance, the dog will mount up with new spiritual wings after the gift is opened. Once again, the dog will be playfully bouncing around with the new toy.

People have spirits too! Patience makes the difference between the negativity of an annoyed, irritated spirit and a spirit that soars with the wings of positive energy. Like an Eagle that soars in the open skies so is the spirit that learns the value of patience. In contrast, tossing patience aside weighs us down by the consequences that follow. Patience gives flight to the spiritual fruit! The difference between road rage and tolerance is patience. Likewise, the difference between violently impulsive behavior and a peaceful result is patience.

Love is not found within irritated, intolerant, and annoyed attitudes. Love is found in patience. In fact, you will find patience in the presence of every spiritual fruit. May we learn the importance of patience in enabling our joy, love, and gentleness to mount up with new wings.

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