Daily Prompt: Incubate

We know a mother hen incubates an egg and of course the hatchling will be a chicken. What happens if someone marks each egg with the type of creature they decide that they want to hatch from each egg? It would certainly upset expectations! That is similar to  branding a person as being a specific way and then incubates that “egg” until the specific characteristics hatch. Placing an alligator on top of chicken eggs to incubate the hatching of a gator has chaotic results. Likewise, placing a hen on top of alligator eggs in hopes of incubating the hatching of a chicken is also chaotic. In order for people to hatch according to our internal inclinations, we have to know who we are from within ourselves.

The human spirit is universal from city to city and nation to nation around the world. A smile is universal. Think of all the spiritual qualities that a smile can incubate;
some of those qualities include joy, kindness, and goodwill. Circumstances go right with humanity when we put our efforts into incubating the spiritual fruit within one another. If we put a terrorist in charge of incubating fruitful eggs what is going to happen? Likewise, if we try to put a spiritual person in charge of trying to incubate eggs of terror what will happen? A peach tree will not give birth to lemons, and neither will a lemon tree give birth to peaches.

The more we know our creator the more we are in touch with who we really are. We are born to be fruitful. We are not alligators, lions, sharks, bears…we are human and we have dominion over every living creature. We are at the top of the food chain. To care for the universe, other animals, and one another we need to incubate the hatching of the spiritual fruit.  May we incubate  and hatch with the spirit of joy, love, goodness, and perseverance

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