Daily Prompt: Wrinkle

There is a wrinkle  in the definition of wrinkle. A wrinkle is a clever innovation or useful piece of information?! Mostly I thought a wrinkle was something in clothing, or in the skin, or in a drawn back curtain. Then I thought, we need to “draw back the curtain” to unveil new ideas and information. That creates a lot of wrinkles! My parents say there is wisdom in each one of their wrinkles. Now I understand why spiritual light will cause new wrinkles.

Recall the image of people carefully drawing back a curtain with one hand, with half of their face peering around the wrinkles as the body is hidden behind. Do you ever feel that way when you try to share a joyful new inspiration in the spirit of goodness and goodwill? Some people turn your wrinkles into an awkward and clumsy occurrence. Especially when it comes to improving yourself, others, or the way a certain process functions. They intimidate spiritual light by feeding it with the negative image of a wrinkle instead of providing positive feedback for your productive creativity.

Within ourselves there will always be a few new wrinkles being born within spiritual light. While others might treat you like those wrinkles are undesirable, inwardly it is our life source of insight. Let’s tear that curtain from top to bottom so that we can enter into that place where we see the world, others, and ourselves in a constructive light. If we are thwarted from helping others with our creativity, at least we remain internally strong with spiritual fruit. Peace, love, faith, and perseverance awaits us on the other side of the curtain.

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