Daily Prompt: Provoke

What pulls your emotional strings to provoke a strong reaction within yourself about something? Yesterday, on March 14th, there was a nationwide walk-out of students who refused to go to school! They were protesting school shootings. Any self-respecting person who calls themselves human knows that it is horrid to allow babies, children, and youth of all ages to suffer. Harm to the innocent provokes strong emotional reactions. Nowadays, the provocation of strong emotions are harnessed into protests, riots, and rebellion of all types.  The real question is, “Where is the provocation for peace?”

What drummer do you march to? What will provoke you to respond to the turbulence that humanity faces from day to day? Some will join the protests, riots, rebellion, and even participate in violence. Some will reach out to others at their place of work, school, church, community functions  etc. to bring a compassionate deed. As for me, I choose to share a smile, some goodwill, optimism, tranquility, and faith to help others to persevere in an era that provokes much violence. There is far too much negativity manifesting in our communities. People seem to be provoked to violence, hate, and pessimism that eventually leads to fatalities.

We do not want to be the cause that provokes social chaos, nor do we want to just turn away from human suffering. Therefore, let us be the change that makes a difference through a healing word or deed.

via Daily Prompt: Provoke

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