Spiritual Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is the measurement of the force of the blood on artery walls. That shows how well the heart is working. The BP reading consists of the systolic and diastolic measurement of pressure. The systolic measure is the pressure in the artery when the heart is at work pumping the blood. That is like water in a garden hose pressurized when the water is fully on. The diastolic measure is the pressure in the artery when the heart is not pumping, but relaxing. That is similar to a dormant pool of water, which is available to send through the hose. High blood pressure is hypertension, low is hypotension, and optimal is between the two. From here, we ask the question, what is your spiritual blood pressure?

The divinity that resides within us is the heart of the soul, pumping the spirit of life, goodness, and fruitage through the body. That deity pressurizes, or empowers, our minds, emotions, and behavior with divine qualities. Even in our relaxation, there is a pool of the spirit’s reserves ready to flow through us to keep our spiritual blood pressure optimal. When we become hard, inflexible, and rigid to the notion of a supreme being that lives in us, that is spiritual hypertension. When we are like a laxative, aloof, or remote to the superlative presence of our inmost being, that is spiritual hypotension. The optimal spiritual blood pressure is when we welcome the influx of celestial goodness into our soul by being soft, pliable, and flexible.

The spiritual fruit is what the heart of the soul is pumping through our body. We are the vessel in which the softness of that moist fruitage flows. If hard attitudes exist in us, there is blockage of the spirit’s fruit from our own rigid and inflexible ways. We become abominable to others with unfruitful sentiments of anger, harshness, impatience, and irrational impulses. That spiritual hypertension is like planting a seed in the area of a syringe, but the space is too tight to blossom with sustainable life. Alternatively, our attitude is like a laxative, aloof, and remote to divine qualities, we are like a mud pit. In that lull, fruitage does not circulate through our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. From within us is the essence of Jabba the Hutt, desolate of the spirit’s fruit. That hypotension is like sowing seed in loose mesh, too dormant to sprout roots. However, when our soul is soft, pliable, and flexible, the spiritual fruitage flows to absorb into, and nourish our inner being. That is an optimal spiritual blood pressure. That is like planting seed in acres and acres of field and experiencing various and plentiful blossoms. Those blossoms flow through our inner being through the spirit of peace, love, faith, and perseverance. The influx of that nourishment continues through meekness, gentleness, kindness, goodwill, goodness, joy, patience, and self-control.

Our spiritual blood pressure is optimal when fruitage pumps through us to nourish our health. We can be open, pliable, and flexible to absorb foods that nourish the body. In addition to that, we can enjoy an occasional meal with neighbors, friends, and associates although their menu varies from our own. The spirit’s fruit of kindness, self-control, peace, and goodness is pumping through them to allow that option.

When we experience spiritual hypertension, there is a rigid and inflexible attitude about health issues. For example, when time comes to rest there is hostility because the pillows smell like fresh spring dryer sheets. In addition, when breathing the fresh air that blows through the window, we slam the window down in anger because pollen blows in from the flowers. Instead of absorbing a supply of fruitfulness in health, this person is harsh, impatient, pessimistic, and unkind.

When we experience spiritual hypotension, there is no motivation to relate to health needs through the spiritual fruit. In that condition, a person could go for days without a shower, allowing bodily ailments of various kinds to form on them. Likewise, to them food is just something you put into the body, such as cookies, cake, candy, soda, without a thought for nutritional needs. The fruit of the spirit that gives a sense of joy, goodwill, and gentleness to the welfare of the body is not pumping through them.

Our spiritual blood pressure is optimal when fruitage pumps through us to nurture our safety. This is when we are moist and soft enough within ourselves to be pliable or flexible to what makes our world a safe and secure place. For example, we respond with cooperation to speed limits on the roadway, safety rules at the workplace, and to the security rules within public places. In addition, we are patient with the spirit of peace when some drivers are below the proper speed, co-workers violate safety standards, or chaos erupts in the community. Our spiritual blood pressure is optimal to enhance a safe and secure environment through the spirit’s fruitage.

When we become hard, rigid, and inflexible to what makes the world a safe and secure place that is spiritual hypertension. This happens when someone blasts their horn, and throws beer bottles at your car as they curse you for driving too slow. The hypertensive ones are those who approach you with assertive anxiety as you are calmly doing a safety procedure at work. They impart anxiety shouting, “What’s happening!” when the public speakers are explaining the situation. The arties that run through their soul have blockages of impatience, agitation, and pessimism that affect safety.

When we are like a laxative, aloof, and remote to regards for a safe and secure atmosphere, that is spiritual hypotension. That is when signs read “Slow, Children Playing,” but we ignore the caution. In addition, when road signs make us aware of “Deer Crossing,” we make no adjustments for safety. Likewise, at work and in the community we are impervious to safety protocol. The spiritual fruit of goodwill, kindness, and goodness lays dormant within the mind, emotions, and behaviors.

Our spiritual blood pressure is optimal when fruitage pumps through us to harmonize us socially. There is an inner softness making us flexible and pliable to nourish one another with a welcoming hug or smile. A desire flows through us to share love from person to person. With that love, there is a tranquil acceptance of others even though there are various differences from neighbor to neighbor. Through an optimal spiritual blood pressure, there is a joyous, loving, and harmonious place of belonging for everyone.

Spiritual hypertension socially is an inflexible, rigid, and hard attitude relating to a fruitful and harmonious community of people. People with that that sort of hypertension are uptight and hateful with the ones who form bonds with the spirit of love. Their inner tension spews with cruel intent to the spirit of goodwill that brings acceptance and tolerance. Through their agitation they fragment, isolate, and discourage others from forming relationships in a happy and compassionate place of belonging.

Spiritual hypotension is an aloof laxness to the fruitful qualities that harmonizes a community. People like that are not motivated to convey the quality of love to the people they see from day to day. They neglect to accept people who enjoy smiles, hugs, and compassion within a gathering. People with spiritual hypotension are unmoved by a place where there is belonging through joyous harmony.

Our spiritual blood pressure is optimal when fruitage pumps through us to nourish our sense of worth. From being open, pliable, and flexible to divine qualities, esteem flows through us for our own value, and to esteem others. We can bend enough to bypass humiliation, and discover our worth as a peacemaker, compassionate, and full of goodwill. In addition, the softness of our inner being makes us appropriately malleable to esteem others with respect to the goodness in them.

Being rigid, inflexible, and hard relating to mutual respect is spiritual hypertension. They demand recognition and loyalty, but express anger, agitation, and hostility to anyone who says otherwise. From their hypertensive rigidity, they ridicule, degrade, and scorn people who honor the divinity of the soul as being of supreme importance.

Being aloof or remote to the fruitfulness in our own worth, or to respect the value of others, is spiritual hypotension. People like that have no esteem for the opinions, praise, or accomplishments that come through the spirit of divine qualities. They are not motivated to acknowledge the goodwill, peaceful intentions, and the kindness of charity in the achievements of others.

Our spiritual blood pressure is optimal when fruitage pumps through us to improve our self-expression. From being pliable, flexible, and open, the spirit’s fruit flows though us to nourish our words, deeds, and attitudes. We allow compassion, optimism, consistency, and serenity to flourish through our communication. Similarly, the divine qualities of self-control, patience, meekness, and kindness allow us the flexibility to welcome the thoughts, ideas, beliefs, and inspirations of others.

Our spiritual blood pressure is hypertensive when we are rigid, hardened, and inflexible to the passing of fruitfulness within our self-expression. Given words, actions, and attitudes are a tight and narrow road bogged with agitation, anger, and pessimism. Communication is one-sided, not nestled with feedback or mutual exchanges. They oppress the loving kindness that would flow from the vocabulary and behaviors of others.

Our spiritual blood pressure is in hypotension when there is a lax aloofness to speech, behaviors, and attitudes that are full of fruitfulness. Even if a kind word is on their tongue, or an urge exists to do a deed of goodwill, there is no motivation to communicate those sentiments. Similarly, they show little interest in listening, or experiencing motivation by the noble thoughts, actions, ideas, or inspirations of others.

The cycle begins with people who believe the inner divinity is the heart of the soul, which signifies our spiritual blood pressure. They do not experience the anger of hypertension, or the depression of hypotension. The harbingers are able to bargain away rigid, inflexible, aloof, and remote attitudes in exchange for a flexible, pliable, and open persona. Acceptance is within them to acknowledge that the spiritual fruit flows through our inner being because we honor the divine presence, the heart of the soul.

The harbingers, or believers, grow within reservoirs where the spiritual fruit flows, nourishing one another with love, gentleness, joy, and perseverance. The attitudes, words, and deeds that exit those reservoirs are life giving, flowing with compassion, tranquility, optimism, and consistency. Those attitudes transfer directly through people who experience the fruitage flowing from an optimum spiritual blood pressure. Indirectly, there is transference by witnessing the difference between spiritual hypertension, hypotension, and the nourishing comfort of being pliable, open, and flexible.

We want an optimum spiritual blood pressure because our sense of self-worth guides us away from the stress of hypertension, and the listlessness of hypotension. The inner desire is to belong in a nourishing environment of loving acceptance. We are likely to host the flow of the spiritual fruit because we desire peace, calm, gentleness, and tranquility that flexibility, openness, and being pliable brings. The cycle that begins with the heart of the soul, continues by the moistness of the soft qualities that are in us. Through that tenderness, the divine fruitage flows within our soul to optimize our spiritual blood pressure.

We can assess that the divinity in us is the heart of the soul, regulating our spiritual blood pressure. The diagnosis is that the deity pumps spiritual fruit through our body to nourish every fiber of our inner being. We plan to remain pliable, flexible, and open to that fruitage to bypass spiritual hypertension and hypotension. We implement that plan by responding to day-to-day situations from the tender, moist softness of our inner being. When the qualities of love, peace, faith, and perseverance pump smoothly through our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors, we are at an optimal spiritual blood pressure.

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