Daily Prompt: Captivating

Many terrible occurrences of violence happen in this world and there seems to be nothing to hold those incidents captive. I wonder why the primal urges of those committing acts of violence are not captivated by the charms of the inner life. When referring to animalistic instincts of humans, some say a leopard cannot change it’s spots. My response is that a caterpillar sure can! A cocoon is captivating! Think of the transformation happening inside that cocoon; a crawling earthbound creature is captivated inside that cocoon changing into a beautiful creature with wings. I compare the caterpillar as the more primal instincts within us and the butterfly as the more spiritual side of our nature. The cocoon represents the restraining of primal urges as we begin a spiritual transformation.

There is something very divine, captivating, and charming within us. That inner presence enlivens the goodness of our thoughts, feelings, behavior, and spirit . That goodness is powerful enough to wrap all of our most primal instincts into a cocoon. Holding captive the urges of violence, hatred, evilness, fatal endings, and every negative aspect of our inner life. In that captivity is no stagnation at all, to the contrary there is a captivating transformation occurring. We begin to change with spiritual qualities of love, peace, joy, faith, kindness, goodness and every pleasant quality. The process within us is as captivating as the caterpillar transforming into a butterfly.

via Daily Prompt: Captivating

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