Some conversations have more turns and curves than most rivers. Those are the type of twists that meanders from any meaningful dialogue. I think that those who meander in their words intend to deny others the courtesy of a genuine connection. I notice they use angry tones mixed with pessimism when someone probes in hopes of establishing productive and mutual feedback. Their verbal meandering does not inspire a joyful, relaxing, nor peaceful exchange of ideas. I think that they meander to obscure their goals, purpose, and intent.

Integrity relates well to the straight and narrow road (That road seems a lot like the “Yellow Brick Road leading to the “Great Oz”).  Integrity is living in the light and puts a stop to unfruitful meandering.  The spiritual fruit lives in the light of our spirit, but meandering invites obscurity. The integrity of our goals, plans, and intentions lives in the goodness of the spiritual fruit. We should be straight forward about serving the goodness of our thinking, feeling, and doing. Shouldn’t it be an easy process to develop conversations that brings mutual results that are edifying and constructive? Why would anyone want to meander with the qualities of the spiritual fruit?

I hope the light of your spirit shines on the straight and narrow path of integrity, while avoiding the meandering that darkens the spirit.

via Daily Prompt: Meander

2 thoughts on “Meander

    1. Thanks! Some people “accuse” me of being a Christian, even though I don’t “profess” Christ in every sentence that I speak. I talk boldly of fruitful qualities, and let them know that wherever the fruit of the spirit are that is also where Jesus is. That is where the whole family of God lives! I’m not going to let them draw me into some religious war over clichés, specific verse, etc., the Holy Spirit will help me with that. 🙂

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