In my experience, an occurrence that comes suddenly, quickly, or unexpectedly leaves a lot to be desired. The best analogy of this are blossoms in a garden that sprout too soon and the frost will ruin them. There is also the maturing of wine where over time it becomes the best, but to suddenly interrupt that process brings ruin to the product. Even in the Bible, for Jesus to come in the twinkle of an eye is equated with a thief in the night. I have also come to experience that the spiritual fruit are very, very, similar to garden fruit and other processes that require time to mature.

Spiritual fruit becomes blossoms in the spirit, not suddenly, but by being planted, sprouting, and then maturing. Kindness doesn’t sound like a big deal, but it is if being cruel is the alternative. It blossomed as a fruit in my spirit because meanness destroys myself more than others. Inner peace sounds like something a Monk in a monastery might talk about, but it blossomed as a fruit in my spirit to avoid mental and emotional agony. Faith has been held hostage by religion for so long that it had to become a fruit in my spirit before I realized what it was. Despair can lead to destructive negativity, but making an effort, any effort, is better than giving up on life. And thank God for the fruit of self-control! Totally loosing one’s “cool” towards others has bad consequences. Self-control became a fruit in my spirit in the same process as the appearance of an apple on a tree.

I have learned that sudden, quick, and unexpected actions are related to despair, cruelty, violence, and being out-of-control. However, fruit that blossom in the spirit’s garden is a process of time that builds our character with faith, kindness, peace, and self-control.

via Daily Prompt: Suddenly

3 thoughts on “Suddenly

    1. Thanks Marylyn for your understanding input. I enjoy watching those slow motion videos of little bean sprouts just popping into bloom. Of course we know the cycle of the soil, sun, water etc. to make that possible. I bet the seed eaters are surprised when a seed suddenly sprouts!


    2. In regards to Christ, we don’t want to be caught by surprise as a person who is inhumane to humanity. I see that like a farmer who waits until August to plant crops to feed the locals. That farmer isn’t going to have any fruit to harvest. When the people come for their food supply there isn’t going to be any. Let’s not be caught fruitless when suddenly the authorities demand answers of why the people are starving.


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