The most popular ridicule of my writings are from people who aggressively demand that I prove the existence of a soul and to explain what spirituality is! Have they no wonder for the mystery and beauty of a world not entirely based on what is already known? Where the intellect is always learning, I think it is an awesome occurrence to desire or to be curious to know something that might bring feelings of admiration and amazement. I know with certainty that bloggers know the spirit of wonder, admiration, and amazement.

From within ourselves, the creator fills us with wonder! From our inner desire and curiosity we are able to blossom with fruit that brings admiration and amazement to one another. We are sparked to wonder what love is or to form admiration for what a peaceful world would be like. Apparently, no one is intellectual enough to bring peace, but wondrously the spirit brings peace in a chaotic world. Wondering will inspire faith to bring the amazement of our soul into reality upon the earth. Wonder is fuel for our perseverance in a world that stagnates the mystery of the spirit and soul.

via Daily Prompt: Wonder

10 thoughts on “Wonder

  1. Faith in the mystery of the unproven and the unknown allows us to wonder. My life as a recovering alcoholic proves that we have miracles, so why should I not believe in soul or that spirit is the true reality of who we are?

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  2. There is a song we used to sing in church titled, Jesus is a Wonder in my Soul. How do you explain the wind or the rising and setting of the sun, yet people expect us to explain God the Father. It’s insane to think that we can explain something we can only feel but not see. But Jesus told Thomas that he believed because he saw the holes in his hands and side, but also he said blesses are those who believe but do not see. We are blessed.


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