Spiritual Level of Pain

What Is Your Spiritual Level Of Pain?

The level of pain within the body is comparable to a vital sign because it is so important to monitor. Pain will cause an increase in pulse, respirations, and blood pressure. Sustained pain may lead to withdrawal, depression, and isolation, and is not a normal part of life. Too little feeling is neuropathy, and too much hurt signifies a crisis in health. An optimum feeling is to experience comfort enabling a smile to live. To discern the level of pain, pictures of smiley faces are useful. A smiley face is comfort, tearful face is very painful, and a straight face is not even feeling a pin stick. From here, we ask what your spiritual level of pain is.

Our relationship to the divine goodness of the soul correlates to our spiritual level of pain. A smiley face reveals a harmonious union to the source of our comfort. We can enjoy the spirit of life, goodness in the world, and feel fruitful within ourselves. A tearful face is the result of a broken merger with the divinity of our inner being. We seem inundated with the sting of death and inward desolation. Evilness is intrusive to unity with the divine presence of our soul. A straight face signifies the progression of an unfeeling neuropathy to all that is good, to what gives life, and that imparts fruitfulness.

Our spiritual level of pain relates to the extent of the fullness of spiritual fruit living within us. A smiley face is like a seed in good soil receiving water, nutrients, oxygen, and sunshine to sprout into fruitfulness. That signals our comfort from the blossoms of joy, love, gentleness, and perseverance in soothing console. We feel joyfulness through the soft cushion existing in divine fruitage. The softness of that cushion also includes peace, meekness, kindness, patience, goodwill, self-control, goodness, and faith. A teary face is like a lone blossom surrounded by many thorns and thistles, on every side, above, beneath, and rubbing against. A painful shadow looms over the good fruit with obtrusive cruelties putting barbs into our fruitfulness. That spiritual level of pain is hurtful because what we feel compassion for, optimistic about, tranquil with, and gives us the will to continue is excruciatingly filled with torment. A straight face is like a seed within pressed soil, run over by a steamroller. That seed will never feel the moisture of water or nutrients, warmth of sunshine, or freshness of oxygen to enable sprouts to bloom. The spiritual fruit compress into the hardness of the soul causing neuropathy, unfeeling to the spiritual blossoms.

What is the spiritual level of pain when attempting to satisfy physiological needs?

A smiley face signals comfort in our spiritual level of pain while fulfilling daily needs. With a spiritual smiley face, we feel healthy and free of pain when the divine qualities of joy, gentleness, goodwill, and perseverance soothe and comfort us during the process of fulfilling daily needs of the body. Washing, resting, eating, drinking, and breathing is an enjoyable and stress free experience.

With a spiritually tearful level of pain, we feel hurt and tearful when too many detrimental substances and too few choices agitate our desire for fruitfulness in health. Everywhere we turn seems to be “thorns and thistles” in what we drink, eat, and breathe, which harms the body and robs us of inner rest. The spiritual level of pain becomes immense because a hostile environment chokes the goodness, joy, and peace we desire to our physiology.

With a spiritually numb level of pain, we feel no hurt or agitation when the input of substances into our body is ominously detrimental to human physiology. The influences of the environment have pressured us to the point we are unfeeling to the welfare for the body. We do not feel the fruit of kindness, meekness, self-control, or goodness for ourselves when fulfilling physical desires. The spiritual level of pain is dull with neuropathy, and damaging to our life.

What is the spiritual level of pain in your need to be safe and secure?

A smiley face signals a comfortable spiritual level of pain within our desire to be safe and secure. There is protection from bodily harm by the spirit of peace, love, joy, and perseverance in doing well. The shelter we reside in, which we call our home consists of fruitage such as gentleness, kindness, goodness, and self-control. There is stability from day to day through the divine qualities of goodwill, faith, meekness, and patience.

A teary face signals an excruciating spiritual level of pain within the need to be safe and secure. This painfulness includes situations such as domestic violence, and the harmful affects of bullying. People in those circumstances are unprotected from physical injury, and painfully alienated from gentle and meek fruitage. The place they refer to as their shelter, or home, is agonizingly full of cruelty, sadness, and despair. Instability is a daily portion of their activity, where a moment of peace impulsively turns to conflict and dispute.

A straight face signals neuropathy in the spiritual level of pain concerning a safe and secure environment. The people with that level of pain become unfeeling to the qualities of tranquility, calm, and serenity. There has been constant suppression of their yearning to solicit help for their unprotected and abusive condition. These people remain mute with a “poker face“, not feeling the softness of a tear or a glint in the eyes. They relegate to the background unable to break apart from the prison referred to as their place of residence, or shelter. The only stability they experience is when they are mute and unexpressive of the repression of spiritual fruit.

What is the spiritual level of pain in your desire for socialization?

A smiley face signals comfort within the spiritual level of pain concerning social interactions. That comfort exists because the spirit of love flows from one another. There is the spirit of goodness in our acceptance of others, and a place of belonging with kind people. Likewise, sensual intimacy permeates fellowship with hugs, kisses and gentle touches.

A teary face signals an excruciating spiritual level of pain in our social relations. Sharp barbs of hatred penetrate the softness of love that we crave to share. When we would accept the differences of others through tolerance that is when cruel intentions of intolerance offend us like thorns piercing the heart. Similarly, when compassion motivates us to prepare a comfortable place of belonging for someone, what we receive in return are hurtful and ungrateful comments. Adding to all that pain is the profanity and defamation of character when we relate to someone with sensual intimacy through the spirit of goodness.

A straight face signals neuropathy in the spiritual level of pain of our socialization. The desire to share compassion becomes numb because the door opening to the spirit of love is forced shut repeatedly. In the efforts to be hospitable with unconditional acceptance of others, they become a victim as people take advantage of their kindness. They no longer yearn to offer a welcome. When they did aspire to assist people to belong socially, those intentions faced oppressive forces, segregating and isolating the embraces of adoration. In essence, the suppression of hugs, touches, and kisses of their sensual intimacy render them unfeeling to embrace others with the spirit of goodwill.

What is the spiritual level of pain in your sense of worth?

A smiley face signals a comfortable spiritual level of pain in the evaluation of self-worth. From the divinity of the soul, flows a fountain of love, optimism, and tranquility that inundates our esteem. We like who we are through the spiritual fruit and persevere in that fruitage. The opinions of others flow through an inward filter that allows fruitfulness to seep in while restraining unfruitfulness.

A teary face signals distress in our spiritual level of pain relating to our feeling of worth. There are painful barbs of humiliation, degradation, and ridicule thrown at the goodness we stand for, or the goodwill we hope to accomplish. Instead of respectful support, there are ill intentions, spite, and evilness to incite disrespect to all that we are. There is the excruciating hurt of others dealing with us as a disease, or as a detriment to society. They cause destruction to our purpose and self-respect.

A straight face signals neuropathy in our spiritual level of pain concerning our worth. There is numbness within our esteem causing us to be unfeeling to the goodness of the soul when evaluating our worth. The suppression of optimism within our self-respect deadens our faith; we despair to look for worth among others. Our sense of importance suffers neuropathy through the torrents of disgrace, shame, mortification, embarrassment, and dishonor.

What is the spiritual level of pain in your self-expression?

A smiley face signals comfort in our spiritual level of pain within our self-expression. There is the ability to communicate the attitude of love, peace, faith, and perseverance through what we say and do. The words we speak are edifying with kindness, meekness, joy, and patience. Similarly, the motivation within our behaviors has guidance through goodwill, gentleness, goodness, and self-control.

A teary face signals excruciating hurt in our spiritual level of pain in attempts to express ourselves. We communicate through the divine qualities of the spiritual fruit, but the feedback, or interpretation, is detrimental to the message. The fruitfulness of our words becomes fuel to incite hate, conflict, hopelessness, and despair. That causes unbearable pain when attitudes of hope, compassion, and optimism results in sharp criticism and arguments. Similarly, the goodness in our behaviors experience confrontations to impede us with ill intent, hostility, and evilness. That is like metaphorical nail-strips, razor wire, or electrocution fences encumbering our deeds.

A straight face signals neuropathy in the spiritual level of pain within our self-expression. That is similar to muting the goodness in a person’s communication by mummifying the spiritual fruit within their soul. Their inner attitude would be unfeeling to soft and tender qualities within thoughts and feelings. That is like embalming and wrapping them in cloth from head to toe, suppressing the ability to perform deeds, or speak words of fruitful intent. Like a mummy, their vocabulary suffers negation, and their behavior annulled. It would be similar to the notion that if nothing good is in the saying, then there is no communication at all.

The cycle of the spiritual level of pain begins with those who believe the divinity of the soul is the source of comfort. That divinity relieves inner hurt through the spiritual fruit. The believers know anger is a complication of the agony felt within a person, and they seek peace through the consolation of the spirit’s fruit. In a similar way, there is awareness that depression will result from excruciating suffering. The reaction is to discover joy through the soothing softness of celestial qualities, like love, gentleness, and kindness. They bargain away the agonizing hurt, pain, and ache, in exchange for the comforting inflow of the fruit of the spirit. The believers accept that the deity of the soul is the manager of the spiritual level of pain, and executor of the spiritual fruit, which heals.

The believers grow in reservoirs of people who discover relief from the anguish within thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. The discovery of that healing is within the compassion, tranquility, optimism, and stability of their fellowship. The attitudes that exit those reservoirs are words and behaviors that bring healing through comfort, peace, compassion, joyfulness, and faith. Those attitudes transfer directly through people who exchange inner pain for comfort and peace. They transfer indirectly through those talking about the noticeable change from agony to tranquility in others.

Our sense of self-worth is the door where belief enters to enliven us to the divinity of the soul, the supervisor of our spiritual level of pain. We feel enough esteem and self-respect to yearn for the comfort of the spirit’s fruit, praying for the retreat of pain. We desire consolation in our minds, emotions, and behaviors. The people likely to host the spiritual fruit are those suffering unbearable ache, and covet comfort within, to smile again. The cycle of the spiritual level of pain continues with a smiley face from the softness, moistness, and tenderness that exist in us. It is there that we experience peace, compassion, optimism, and perseverance during tumultuous circumstances.

We can assess that spiritual level of pain corresponds to our relationship with the divine goodness of our soul, the maker of spiritual fruit. The diagnosis is that when harmony exists with the deity of the soul we experience a level of comfort and peace. Alternatively, excruciating pain or neuropathy is the result when external factors force us out of alignment. We plan to honor the deity that resides in us as the source of our peace, joy, and comfort during thorny circumstances. The implementation of that plan is to respond to painful and agonizing conditions from the soft, moist, and tender qualities of our inmost being. A successful evaluation of that plan is to feel the blossoms of spiritual fruit within our emotions and thoughts. That guides our behavior to respond to heartache with faith, peace, perseverance, and love.

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