Temper tantrums, throwing fits, and being blatantly unruly seems to be signs of an  uncompromising spirit these days. Seems as though there is a coordinated effort in the unwillingness to make concessions to others, especially by changing one’s ways or opinions. Parents might speak of the uncompromising child who screams, cries, and pouts until a certain thing is granted to them. On a larger scale, seems like violence and social unrest is common after election results of government leaders. Some people are unwilling to make concessions by changing their ways or opinions.

The thing that is especially troubling is that some people throw temper tantrums and are just blatantly uncompromising in the presence of the spiritual fruit. If a person smiles showing kindness, love, and spiritual affection, then the response from an uncompromising person is to frown and respond negatively. On the other side of the coin, if you show sadness, emotional pain, or express negativity the uncompromising person smiles and grants positive reinforcement. It’s obvious that their social agenda is to incite bad behavior until they get what they want, which seems to be worldly power and authority.

Let us not be an instrument used by those who incite social unrest through an uncompromising agenda. Instead, let’s live through the spirit of peace, love, faith, joy, and perseverance. While it is obvious some people will never accept spiritual or God-given traits, let’s continue in our dedication to the things of the spirit.

via Daily Prompt: Uncompromising

2 thoughts on “Uncompromising

  1. What a great picture to solidify your argument. Yes, one of the things I most dislike today is that we seem to be an uncompromising nation. That saddens me tremendously. Thank you for following our blog. Douglas and I are so appreciative.


    1. Often, biting my tongue instead of venturing into hot water is a sure sign of compromise…but makes me a better person in that the fruit of self-control and kindness prevails. Today, I read your post about the student with the essay “glitch.” I’m glad you were able to maneuver through that stumbling block. I enjoy reading your posts.

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