Explain to somebody that the Sun rises in the East and they start gushing words with the
fact that it is really a Sunset in the West. Both situations are indisputably the case, but it is our use of facts that determine how useful facts can be. It is useless to try to argue with somebody about the “two-faced” nature of the Sun. It is much more useful to collectively  know that the Earth revolves around the Sun. The Sun is as consistent in it’s integrity as anything can be. Spiritually, how do we use facts?

From our inner attitude flows our opinions about facts that motivates our uses of indisputable evidence. Instead of being judgmental about things that are obviously “two-faced” maybe it is us who are not so consistent inwardly. Arguing about facts only leads to conflict and division which leads us astray from useful discovery and inspiration. A little harmony through goodwill, faith, and perseverance would enable us to come to the conclusion that it is the “Earth” changing it’s “position,” not the “Sun.”

Spirituality eliminates judgmental attitudes in the presence of facts, but will also enable us to see multiple angles of a single situation. Let’s keep an open mind towards indisputable facts and allow the fruit of the spirit to lead us into the light.

via Daily Prompt: Fact

3 thoughts on “Fact

  1. Good observation. My experience has been that trying to convince another of “my” facts usually leads to disagreement. My facts are real to me and that is good enough for me, I am finally at a point in life where another’s approval/disapproval is unimportant.

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