Fabric, it’s the stuff we are made of! I know, actually fabric is a piece of cloth that is brought about by weaving or knitting fibers together. But, because the fabric of my spirit lasts much longer than my shirts and pants, I prefer to look at “fabric” as the stuff we are made of. Our spiritual fabric comes about by weaving and knitting our experiences together to develop who we are from the inside. All of that knitting and weaving builds the fabric of our inner house; such as walls, roof, and floors of a building. Here comes a cliché; can the fabric of our house withstand the agonizing and cruel storms of life?

What do we knit and weave with to put together the fabric of our spirit? We use the fiber of the spiritual fruit, that simple. Suppose you have a piece of fiber that represents hate and a piece that represents love. Let us say that we “hate” anchovies on pizza. If we use the fiber of hate to weave and knit together a prejudice against anchovies, we could become a very annoying person. In the other hand, if we use the fiber of love to knit and weave together a tolerance for other’s preference for anchovies, then we would be considered a reasonable person. Our spiritual fabric is under construction according to the fiber we choose to weave and knit it together.

Our spiritual fabric is a light that reveals itself in what is said and done. The spirit of a person cannot be hidden. Here are some spiritual fibers that we can use to knit and weave our spirit; peace, love, faith, perseverance, gentleness, kindness, joy, patience, meekness, goodness, self-control, goodwill, and of course prayer.

via Daily Prompt: Fabric

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