Daily Prompt: Above

Above? I wonder what it is like to be at a higher level than another person? I know what it is like to be above everyone else while on a plane, but those down to earth have the best resources. The flight on the plane wouldn’t last any longer than the fuel, food, and water resources. We all have to come down to Earth eventually. I also think this is true in our opinion of ourselves…we can’t live life always thinking that we are above others because eventually something will bring us down to earth. Some say that the environmental problems with the Earth is because we can’t bring ourselves down to earth to accept what we need to do.

Recognizing the worth of each individual through mutual respect comes by putting something above everyone else. What would be above each individual and down to earth at the same time. A belief in a divine goodness of our inner life would suffice. Then, it would be necessary to say that the goodness residing within is an inalienable right, which we have from birth. It’s not something that we can buy, exchange, or barter for. The health of the universe shouldn’t be something to buy, exchange, or barter for either! When we honor the inner goodness of every person, we will discover a common concern for the condition of life on this planet.

I’m going to continue to put the Deity of this universe above all people as I come down to earth to cherish all people and things as part of that mutual process. Mutual respect selflessly gives love, brings peace, shares optimism, and endures all things.

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