Oxford dictionary says that a restart is a new start or beginning. We often hear of situations being “etched in stone.” or “a mold has been cast,” or “it has already been determined,” or “it is already made.” Those phrases puts a halt to the motivation to restart something we might feel trapped in. Restarting applies to rewriting a blog or attempting to change a lifestyle or job. After all, change an idea in a blog and it might change someone’s attitude about a certain job or lifestyle. Restarting begins with a thought, emotion, and eventually becomes a behavior.

Truth is that we may never be able to change the amount of money we have or how many things we own. To restart in a way that brings money and things requires a new set of skills, a new job, a new income bracket, and basically to move up into the middle class, which some people will deny exists. Winning the lottery  would certainly energize a restart, which some people say is a hoax.

To say that things are “already made” is just something we are coerced into believing. That belief stifles emotional creativity and changes how we would otherwise behave. Restarting has to be thought of as being more than just money, things, and social class. Being stuck without much money and doing without things can affect our behavior through bad attitudes. Attitudes that leads to frustration, anger, violence, hopelessness, and  hatred towards society stems from believing that “you are already made.”  After all, how many middle class citizens do you know that are involved in crimes, school shootings, etc.?

A restart begins by learning to be content in the humble situations that we are pinned to. In that contentment will come an inner peace, joy, comfort, faith, endurance, and the ability to overcome difficult and troubling situations.

via Daily Prompt: Restart

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