Imagination is the faculty or action of forming new ideas, or images or concepts of external objects not present to the senses. To copy and paste that definition into this blog required no imagination at all. Developing these couple of paragraphs will require some imagination to provide an interpretation of that word. We could “copy and paste” our entire life, but then we would miss the experience of new and unique things.

Imagination is not present in what we already see, taste, hear, smell, nor touch. It is not based on something already of this world. Imagination is a product of the spirit and from that unseen world we create the things that we can sense naturally. Spiritual qualities are necessary in order for inspiration to exist. In today’s world, we wish that people would be more imaginative in bringing peace. That peace will require imagination to propel us past the guns and weapons that we can presently sense. We seek other options through spiritual inspiration.

Sure enough, several unseen spiritual qualities include peace, faith, goodness, joy, goodwill, and even endurance. I might just be imagining this, but I think with all of those awesome spiritual qualities we should find inspiration to create a well-functioning world.  Including better foods, an improved sense of safety, loving social interaction, mutual respect, and civil self-expression of who we are.

via Daily Prompt: Imagination

2 thoughts on “Imagination

    1. I would call it the “school of hard knocks” that causes me to see the world the way I do. Plus, I’m open to God’s attitudes and I don’t get caught up in a lot of the backbiting and conflict. I work as a janitor in a Nazarene church and I have to work Sunday mornings from 7am to 3pm. That probably reveals a lot to you. Your kind words mean a lot to me!


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