National Dumpster

Nations globally begin to look like dumpsters when the litter of hateful, violent, sad, and uncontrolled behaviors leaves piles of carnage of the human animal within their borders. The rubbish of the nation consists of inadequate health care, bodily destruction through acts of terror, societal division with hateful intolerance, disrespect for goodness, and “trash talk” that incites conflict.

Divinity of the Soul
We know there is a divine goodness living within our soul, because we discover decency in our thoughts and emotions to respond with civil behavior to others. Why is it that some people throw their garbage at us as if we are the dumpster for them to hurl their belligerent litter? Some people are intent to accost that inner goodness, desecrate the worth we give to the sanctity of life, and desolate the tender blossoms of spiritual fruit. When the inward being of our humanness becomes hardened to the decency within, the consequences turn our nation into a garbage pile of evilness, death, suffering, and conflict. Even then, reverence for the deity that permeates humanity keeps our minds, emotions, and behaviors flowing with the qualities that bring celestial enhancements to one another. The living divinity of the soul is the source of life, goodness, and spiritual fruitfulness.

Spiritual Fruit
The way a nation becomes the dumping place for the litter of human atrocities is to incite opposition to the spiritual fruit. If there is destruction of faith, goodness, and joy then there is no optimism, and the litter of hopelessness, evil, and sadism piles onto that nation. What happens when there is desolation of our inner peace, meekness, and gentleness? That leaves no tranquility, but dumps the litter of domineering attitudes, violence, and conflict into the country. When there is hazing of the feelings we have from the fruit of love, goodwill, and kindness there is no compassion, but litters a nation by dumping cruelty, hatred, and ill-intentions into it‘s territory. Finally, the accosting of our patience, self-control, and perseverance eliminates our ability to endure, and dumps the rubbish of impulsive and uncontrollable responses that result in tragic endings. Therefore, a nation becomes a dumping place for every illicit behavior when there is scrutiny of the spiritual fruit.

Health issues contribute to the litter piling up within a nation. Within our own nation, as well as countries around the world, there is a grappling with the litter of unhealthy consumption detrimental to the human body. The contamination of foods through GMO’s and toxic ingredients are so widespread that some nations ban those crops from dumping in their borders, while others require labeling to warn us of the hazards. The water supplies suffer poisoning through run off from on-shore drilling, and spillage of oils and gas into the oceans. Consumption of the garbage in the foods and water create organ illnesses and bodily failures, affecting even our process of urination and defecation. In addition, there are medical drugs, litter of drug addiction, alcoholism, and other ailments in the effort to discover some type of inner euphoria for the human body. Our bodies suffer wear and exhaustion from mental and emotional stresses that reflect through various behaviors.

The multitudes consists of many unhealthy and uninsured people who are suffering because of the indifference to goodwill, spirit of goodness, and kindness to the needs of the human animal. Nations are becoming a dumpster of ill health because they discard the decency within the human spirit.

Safety concerns contribute to the litter piling up within the nation. Nations are becoming the dumping grounds of bodily mutilation through every sort of violence, the litter of terror attacks are global atrocities. Even within our homes, which should be our place of shelter, there is the rubbish of the murder of children, home invasions, deadly turns in relationships, and destruction of whole neighborhoods through gas explosions. Then it continues, maybe not everyday, but enough to cause instability in our ability to feel comfortable in our day-to-day living. The dumping of insecurities, and feelings of being unsafe, fall within the borders of nations, littering the land with the consequences of harsh and violent force.

Peace, through a meek and gentle spirit comes by reverence to the decency that lives within the soul. That reverence makes us hospitable to the blossoms of the spiritual fruit that establishes a safe and secure environment. Instead of a dumpster of violence and mutilation, we become a pleasant nation blossoming with the fragrance of tranquility.

Social issues contribute to the litter piling up within the nation. Nations around the world are becoming the dumping grounds of social conflict. Even though the disturbances come in the name of different causes or reasons, the source for the litter of disharmony is the same. First, the feelings that help us to bring smiles, hugs, and gentle greetings to one another are lost beneath the rubbish of rigid intolerance. Instead of mutual fellowship there is hatred and exclusion of others stemming from strict boundaries of “who does what,” or “what goes where.” They cannot bring themselves to accept the inner qualities that unite, but focus on earthly standards to set them apart as the “better” group of humans.

A social atmosphere of love, acceptance, sensual intimacy, and belonging comes by honoring the divinity in the human soul. Living a life through that inner sense of decency unites humanity through compassion, tranquility, optimism, and perseverance with one another. From the spiritual fruit that lives within us, worldly standards that exclude will diminish, and integration through kindness, gentleness, joy, and patience develops.

Irreverence for the worth of the living deity contributes to the litter piling up within the nation. Ever notice that when you communicate noble sentiments, some people have an opposing attitude of negativity and pessimism. They never seem to respect the consideration of esteem for the decency in a country. Their intent is to ridicule, desecrate, and humiliate the wholesome intent in the human spirit. Those people incite irreverence for life, and desolate the fruitfulness in thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. In that process, there is the dumping of evil intentions, murderous impulses, and illicit behaviors of various forms into the nation.

Our reverence for the living deity that makes a home within the human body results in the flowering of wholesome attitudes. We can feel something working within us, some is uncomfortable to our fleshly nature, but always has positive and constructive results. For that reason, we esteem the supreme worth for the goodness we wrestle with, and we respect the spirit of life that squirms within our tendencies to lash out destructively. Likewise, we value with personal delight the inner smirk of joy, goodness, self-control, and kindness that permeates us.

Self-expression contributes to the litter piling up within the nation. Some people’s beliefs can be very abrasive to the ingredients that foster harmony and free exchange of communication. The nation becomes a dumpster full of the litter of arrogance in attitudes where certain people believe the power of their words is authoritative over you. Carrying that further, the garbage in the dumpster is full of behaviors littering the nation with domineering aggression over those they feel superior to. Unfruitful beliefs fuel the mind, emotions, and behaviors with attitudes in self-expression that are cruel, quick with conflict, pessimistic to others, and spewing fatal threats. Within the nation is a garbage dump of diametrically opposed communication.

When the soul of the human-being welcomes the decency that lives within them, then self-expression can be a beneficial experience. We can be a breath of fresh air in a garlic eating society. That divine presence dwelling within makes us believe that there can be attitudes, words, and behaviors that foster harmony within the spirit of humanity. We can kindly exchange Certs to make conversation pleasant. We are willing to welcome the fruitful self-expression of others as we export goodwill and tolerance in our feedback.

The Cycle
The cycle begins with belief that a nation becomes a dumping place of illicit behaviors due to irreverence to the divinity of the soul, and inhospitable to the spiritual fruit. Because of the accosting of the spirit of peace, the litter of conflict and anger is the result. Similarly, when there is harassment of the fruit of joy, sadism and pessimism litters the nation. Even so, the believers are able to bargain away the litter of the soul in exchange for the beautifying and pleasant aroma of love, peace, faith, and endurance. They accept that the nation is a dumpster of hatred, violence, despair, and abrupt endings without the humane fruitage of the supreme deity.

The believers grow in reservoirs where the inner divinity is a treasure to cherish, and the spiritual fruit are desirable traits within the spirit of humanity. The attitudes that exit those reservoirs are reverence for the magnificence of life, companionship with the beauty of goodness, and a desire to make humanity a pleasant and fruitful experience. Those attitudes transfer directly through people who live according to the decency of their soul. They give compassion, peace, optimism, and endurance amidst the litter of despair and destruction. Indirectly, those attitudes transfer through people who see the correlation of internal feelings, and the following effects on Earth.

The attitude that our nation becomes a dumpster of litter due to inhumane practices, enter into us because we value the supreme deity that permeates humanity. We realize that the worth of a population of people corresponds to how we revere and cherish the qualities of goodwill, kindness, and love. We welcome, and honor, the divine fruitage within our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. From there, we seek belonging among those who contribute to the tranquil harmony of the community. Likewise, we come apart from the rubbish of hatred, cruelty, and ill intent.

The people who will host the pleasant nature of the inner divinity are those who have no desire to see their nation become a dumpster of human carnage. They welcome the soft tenderness of the soul, allowing the spiritual fruit to develop within them, so that they contribute to the beauty and life of humanity. The cycle that begins with belief that inner decency prevents the litter of inhumanities; continue through to the host from the moist and tender softness of our soul.

We can assess that nations become a dumpster full of social litter because of rejecting the spiritual fruit, and desecrating the divinity of the soul. The diagnosis is that hazing of the decency within us brings about evilness, murder, and illicit behaviors of various forms. Even so, we plan to honor the spirit of goodness, to revere the sanctity of life, and to be hospitable to spiritual fruitfulness. We implement that plan by being the “air freshener” around the dumpster, and the beautifying flower of the junkyard. That comes by responding to the rubbish that comes our way according to the soft tenderness that exists within. We know we are successful when love, peace, faith, and perseverance develop within us, even though hatred, violence, despair, and endings surround us.

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