Astral is a connection with or resembling the stars. I’ve come to know a lot of stars from watching those who celebrate having their “star” put in the Hollywood Walk of Fame. I believe astral has more to do with the stars in the sky. I’ve come to know a few of those too, such as the North Star, Big Dipper, Little Dipper, and maybe another. The thing is, the Hollywood stars are not any nearer to me than the stars way, way, way up above the earth. Oddly enough, we admire the stars in the sky in much the same way that we admire the people stars.

I’ve been told that the Sun is a star also, but it is so near to us that it is more than just a twinkle….it is our source of warmth and life. That is a real star! I think a star that really deserves admiration is one that is near to us giving warmth. Not just warmth , but also light, life, food, flowers, and every beautiful thing. People should be the same way. Instead of being a cold and distant twinkle beckoning admiration, let us make an effort to be that star that brings warmth to this planet. To bring the warmth of a smile, kindness, optimism, love, a little gentleness and peacefulness.

(Temptation was with me to mention politicians as being stars…BUT……we all know some stars of every type!)

via Daily Prompt: Astral

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