Right and Wrong Mentality

The right and wrong mentality is like throwing darts at a dartboard, but the only correct answer is the red dot in the center of the board. Any dart on the peripheral of that red dot is wrong or incorrect. In other words, because there is not a spiritually fruitful attitude, which includes forgiveness and grace, suffering persists through harsh dictates.

Divinity Within the Human Body
A living divinity resides within the human soul to guide our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. Even so, some people will oppose that inner light for imposing their own interpretation of what right and wrong is. They are not examples of spiritually fruitful people. We know the deity of the soul is the source of goodness, fruitfulness, and instills esteem for the sanctity of life. However, not everyone welcomes that information if it clashes with predetermined dictates. In reality, the consequences of being “wrong” according to what they say is “right,” include a labeling of being evil. They have murderous intent towards those who oppose their rules by following the divinity of the soul. Even then, we realize that to be spiritually fruitful we need to honor the divine presence within us, and to avoid entanglement of a right and wrong mentality.

Softness of Spiritual Fruit
A right and wrong mentality hardens the soul and does not allow us to be spiritually fruitful. Some people are so intent on imposing their idea of what is right and wrong that hateful, unkind, and ill intentions block the fruit of love, kindness, and goodwill. Similarly, I am sure we have met those people who are harsh, domineering, and incite conflict in their effort to exert their opinions of what constitutes right and wrong. They impede the spirit of peace, meekness, and gentleness through their dictates, and are not spiritually fruitful. I believe the doomsayers come from that right and wrong mentality because they are pessimistic about us, call us evil, and insinuate our hopelessness due to deviating from their mandates. They impede the spiritually fruitful attitudes of joy, goodness, and faith from developing from the inward person. Moreover, they are impatient with those who disagree with them, spew uncontrollable verbal rants, and taunt the weakness of your mortality. They shut out the spiritual qualities of self-control, patience, and perseverance in doing well because of their stringent right and wrong mentality.

There are people who never seem to budge from their right and wrong mentality relating to fulfilling physical requirements. They are so rigid about how you should eat, drink, breathe, sleep, and eliminate that being spiritually fruitful is a fluke that rests between a rock and a hard place. Their insistence of the proper diet, appropriate amount of sleep, a specific schedule for elimination, the adequate quantity of drinks, and the specific percentage of air humidity becomes frustrating. That frustration causes conflict in the mind and turmoil within emotions, which results in deficient behavioral responses to the health needs of the body. However, a spiritually fruitful person is able to relinquish the unhealthy entrapments of a right and wrong mentality. They do that by focusing on bringing comfort, joy, and peace within the health of the human animal, and doing away with strict and harmful mandates. The purpose is to eat, drink, breathe, eliminate, and sleep in ways that are hospitable to the fruit of the spirit, not to bring misery in fulfilling our daily needs.

People who suffer from the entanglements of a right and wrong mentality jeopardize the safety and security of those around them. There is nothing spiritually fruitful coming from them to make you feel safe or secure. They are capable of inflicting and threatening bodily harm if someone contradicts their dictates and refuse to acknowledge their “righteousness.” These people would rather engage in violence than to switch their right and wrong beliefs. That is the source of a lot of domestic violence between spouses, children, and parents. When a home should be a place of shelter, it turns into a place of horror because someone in the home insists that their rules, methods, and strict way of doing things finds obedience. They sacrifice their families, homes, and the spirit of loving harmony just to have their mandates obeyed. There is never stability with them because there is something they always need to “correct” for keeping a leash on the “wrong doers,” making them unpredictable. In contrast, a spiritually fruitful person seeks to instill the fruit of peace, meekness, and gentleness into relationships to create an atmosphere of safety and security. They desire to make you feel protection of your physical body, to comfort you in the home with family, and to add stability by being predictable with goodwill intentions.

Some people have a mind full of right and wrong precedents for social behavior, but are not spiritually fruitful with cohesion. Those who have their own preset dictates discard the qualities that most people consider useful to bring harmony in a relationship. We might consider that the spirit of love, goodwill, and kindness helps us to be accepting and tolerant, while providing belonging through the sensual nature of smiles, hugs, and gentle touches. In contrast, people with an inflexible right and wrong mentality demand to be influential in social arrangements. They do that regardless of the hatred, intolerance, sexual agony, and bullying they cause. For example, one parent must be right, or everyone else is wrong, when it comes to the behavior of the children. They are so fixed in their predetermined dictates that they are unfazed by the intolerance and bullying that develops in the thoughts, emotions, and behavior of those they influence. A spiritually fruitful person induces cohesion with one another by welcoming the spirit of love to bring acceptance, belonging, and intimacy through tolerance of varying lifestyles.

A mind entangled with inflexible right and wrongs does not give worth to the Supreme Being that lives within the soul. That supreme deity gives us honor for the sanctity of life, fills us with the spirit of goodness, and gives the rewards of the spirit’s fruit. However, some people place more importance on their own version of right and wrong, than on the living divinity. When it comes to our existence, they feel no esteem for the sanctity of life, and fatal dictates are the consequences for human “wrongs.” Often, human life is “snubbed” over arguments of whose right or wrong. Adding to that, the spirit of goodness has no value to them if there is not utmost respect given to their idea of what is fitting or erroneous. They will consider a person evil for conveying thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that they debase according to their mandates of rights and wrongs. Furthermore, they degrade the spiritual fruit with ridicule if love, peace, faith, and endurance do not coincide with their stringent order.

A right and wrong mentality imprisons the soul with mandates of how people should talk, what they should do, and attitudes they convey. This has nothing to do with encouraging people to become spiritually fruitful in their self-expression. It has more to do with sentences they memorize from a book, or indoctrination they learn from religious sources, or sometimes they do not disclose their source of dictates. Even so, they want the words that flow from your mouth to fit into their idea of what is right according to their rule. With those words, they want to shape your behavior so that what you do fits in alignment with their imperative. To them, obedience means more than an attitude that flows with spiritual fruitfulness, regardless of how rude or hostile your communication may be. In contrast, a spiritually fruitful person speaks edifying words to encourage the flow of divine fruitage in what a person says or does. They unlock the chained mentality of rights and wrongs by allowing free expression through the attitude of love, peace, faith, and perseverance in goodwill.

The Cycle
The cycle begins with those who believe being spiritually fruitful comes by freeing the mind of a right or wrong mentality. The believers do not feel an instigation of anger from a mentality entangled with right or wrong issues, but they feel peace that enables them to relate to others fruitfully. Likewise, sadism and pessimism does not fill their inner being stemming from right and wrong dictates, but they feel joy to enable them to relate with optimism to one another. They are able to bargain away the entanglements that a right and wrong mentality causes, in exchange for the freedom that results from being spiritually fruitful. There is acceptance within the soul of believers that love, peace, faith, and perseverance come through the spiritual fruit, and not a mentality ensnared by what they feel is right or wrong.

Believers grow in reservoirs where spiritually fruitful attitudes diminish the clutter of a right and wrong mentality. The attitudes that exit them are words of tolerance, love, and peace, with behaviors that are full of goodwill, meekness, and gentleness. They allow the divine fruit to blossom by dismissing the unfruitfulness of stringent dictates. Those attitudes transfer directly through people who prefer to be a person of faith, joy, and goodness. They experience distaste for the conflict and fragmentation that a right and wrong mentality incites. Indirectly, those attitudes transfer through people who have been at the receiving end of the wrath of a mentality full of strict mandates. They acknowledge the comfort of tolerance through grace and forgiveness.

We allow spiritually fruitful attitudes to enter into us because we feel worth for ourselves through the divinity of the soul. It is degrading and inhumane for the berating of loving, kind, and compassionate people by those who are harsh and domineering in the process of imposing their standards of right and wrongs. We realize that mutual esteem comes to one another by acknowledging the divinity of each soul, rather than trying to dictate a “superior” criterion. There is the desire to belong to a loving place of acceptance full of smiles, hugs, and gentle touches, instead of fearing infractions of policies, rules, and rituals.

The people who host the spiritually fruitful ideas are those who do not want to clutter their inner being with the turmoil resulting from the entanglements of a right and wrong mentality. They realize that the only way to fuel their mind, emotions, and behaviors with love, peace, faith, and perseverance is by washing their soul of intolerant, hard, and inflexible attitudes. They perpetuate the cycle of a fruitful soul by responding to day to day situations from the soft and moist tenderness of the soul.

We can assess that a “right and wrong” mentality interferes with a connection to the divinity of the soul, impeding the blossoms of the spiritual fruit. The diagnosis is that discord, conflict, pessimism, and doom are the consequences of imposing unfruitful and stringent dictates. Even so, we plan to live a life that is conducive to the blossoms of compassion, humbleness, optimism, and perseverance with inner fruitfulness. We implement that plan by responding to the lifestyles of others from the moist and soft tenderness that exists in our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. We evaluate how we are doing from the flowering fruitage of our inner being. When the hardness of a right or wrong mentality is replaceable by love, peace, faith, and perseverance then we know we are living successfully with the supreme presence of the soul.

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