Conversant is to be familiar or knowledgeable about something. What could we possibly know that everyone else doesn’t? I wonder how that question would be answered by the American Indians compared to the Holy Roman Empire or the Egyptian pyramid-builders. After all, they did exist together 2000 years ago, just on opposite sides of the world. In school, I learned that Indians were a culture of braves, warriors, and chiefs who battled constantly among themselves, other tribes, and other cultures. They were familiar and knowledgeable on things that braves should be. In comparison, the massive Holy Roman Empire and the gigantic Egyptian pyramids would be startling to witness by those still living in tee-pees! What were the Romans and Egyptians familiar with and knowledgeable about that made them so gigantic?

Freedom of inspiration to learn and create is essential in our civilized and internal development. The eating of the fruit of knowledge is a horrid and dehumanizing act. Being the toughest, bravest and most profound hunter and most cunning warrior is not the path to spiritual enlightenment or character building. To the contrary, inspiration that brought us the literature of the Holy Scriptures compared to pictures inscribed on things should be our aspiration. Let our knowledge and the things we are familiar with come through the inspiration of spiritual fruit. Let’s grow internally with faith, optimism, peace, love for humanity, and goodness. Let’s cherish the fruit of knowledge not devour it.

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2 thoughts on “Conversant

    1. Looks like an interesting book to read! I also know that the Holy Roman Empire was known for their extraordinary feats in battle. They also had cultural exchanges with the “savages,” allowing Roman children to live in the camps of the barbarians. For sure, my point is that a culture can’t be built on physical bravery and battle alone, but has to be driven by inspiration of fruitful knowledge. Why should we fight, fight, fight, just to destroy ourselves and not be part of a social environment with love and kindness towards one another? Having no constructive thoughts only leads to physical tragedy!

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