Surviving Times of Lies and Misinformation

I saw the following sentence while reading text of the Bible and thought it would make an interesting essay to enhance our spirituality; “They feed on wind, their misinformation and desolation multiply and they carry oil into arbitrary places.” This quote conjures an image of one group of people defrauding another group of people through misinformation with intent to usurp valuable resources. In essence, they steal the resources that allows a civil society to function, and carry it into uncivil and inhumane places.

One essential element to a humane civilization are the qualities flowing from the divinity of the soul. Those qualities are the oil and life within the human body. It would be savage for someone to implement a misinformation campaign, full of lies, to desolate the spirit of goodness, respect for life, and the fruitfulness of the inner being. They are full of evilness and murderous with unfruitful intent, but portray themselves as the owners of the oil of goodness, life, and fruitfulness.

The oil that they defraud their foes of are the spiritual fruit, which blossom soleley from the supreme deity, the owner of the soul. They misguide, misinform, and lie to redirect thoughts, emotions, and behaviors away from the divine blossoms. Their intent is the desolation of goodness, joy, faith, perseverance, patience, self-control, love, goodwill, kindness, peace, meekness, and gentleness. While they claim to monopolize fruitfulness, the result of what they do is fragmentation, conquest, despair, and terminal racism.

Their attitude about human physiology are like those who have no nutrients to fuel a healthy body, but instead their group of people is like a body retaining fluids within congestive heart failure. They misinform to rob their oponents of fuel for a healthy inner life, intenting to make them weak and feeble. Would the food, water, promise of fresh air, peaceful rest, and sanitary conditions that they talk about be forthcoming? To the contrary, they claim physical strength as their advantage, but the truth of our empowerment comes by the spiritual fruit, which needs to permeate every cell of our body. That is a victoriously functioning body, and group of people, according to the divinity of the soul.

Their intent is to misinform other groups for the purpose of desolating responses that enable the ability to establish a safe and secure environment. They make those they defraud feel vulnerable to bodily harm, frightened within the shelter of homes, and to experience agonizing instability within daily activities. While they claim to be defenders of the weak and defenseless, the truth of our safety and security comes by the peace, empowerment, and sense of coming justice. That comes from the universal deity of the soul, through the spiritual fruit.

They lie and pass along misinformation about who loves who, who belongs where, whose acceptable and whose not, and turn wholesome sensuality into unwanted sexuality. The consequences of what they do include hatred, displacement, intolerance, and the deadening of loving sensuality. They falsely declare themselves to be an oasis of love, belonging, aceptance, and sensual harmony. However, the truth of our belonging comes through the empowerment of the fruit of love, goodwill, and kindness that forms cohesive bonds from within the soul.

By their lies, they misinform the public concerning the supreme worth of the divinity of the soul. They strip opposing groups of any esteem flowing from the divine inner presence, and ridicule the civility of the spiritual blossoms while regarding those who differ from them as being beastly and primal animals. Yet, they consider themselves to be beast masters, but respond to the human animal with evilness, murderous intent, and unfruitful sentiments. However, the truth of our worth comes by the empowerment of the spirit of goodness, respect for life, and inward fruitfulness that we feel for humanity.

They send misinformation to contrary cultures to desolate the fruitfulness of their beliefs, attitudes, words, and behaviors. Their lies incite quarrels, hostile debate, and physical aggression as they haul away the oil of civil communication. Simultaneously, they declare themselves to be the wells of proper beliefs, words, and behaviors for all people to mimic and adhere to. The truth within our self-expression comes by the empowerment of believing in the inward divinity, and communicating edification through the spiritual fruit.

Some people lie and misinform others to deny the divinity and fruitfulness of the soul, but they deny that they are terminally desolate of goodness, sanctity for life, and inner beauty. Those people are argumentative, uncooperative, and angry at those who express themselves from the divinity of the soul. They suffer inward depression and withdraw when their “victims” possess the empowerment and fruitfulness of the supreme deity. They make attempts to bargain for the purpose of gathering the empowered ones into their culture, but reject goodness, and love. For mutual benefits to occur, there has to be a full acceptance of the oil of the spiritual fruit, which lives in the wells of every soul, by the will of a divine inner presence.

People who lie and misinform to create an image of “gods,” grow and live within reservoirs where material possession, conquest, and worldly power is the goal. The attitudes that exit them show by abusive words to inflict those who differ from them, and domineering intimidation through abrasive behaviors. Those attitudes transfer directly through those who usurp their victims. Indirectly, those attitudes transfer through people who feel “rich” and powerful by associating with those who will lie and misinform to establish authority.

Those attitudes enter through people who feel worthless in the desolation of material resources, and want to belong among the wizards who make “gods.” They seek the bolstering of their esteem, and desire a place of acceptance where comrads are plentiful. The people likely to host those attitudes are those suffering inner fatigue, and want to be “energized” even among the terminal condition of the deceitful, who defraud civil cultures. We can interrupt the cycle of suffering desolation that comes by misinformation and lies of those who seek dominance. That is done by realizing our inner fullness comes through the spiritual fruit, blossoming from the divinity of the soul, the source of enduring empowerment.

We can assess that truth fills our thoughts, emotions, and behavior with love, peace, faith, perseverance, and empowerment. The diagnosis is that misinformation desolates the inner being by misdirecting the focus away from the supreme deity of the soul. We plan to acknowledge the truth of the Holy Spirit that lives within the soul, even during an age of lies, deceipt, and hostile conquests. We implement that plan by being inwardly responsive to the softness, tenderness, and moistness that exists in us, which is our fullness and empowerment. We can positively evaluate our success when we feel the spiritual fruit blossom in our thoughts, feelings, and actions; regardless of the tactics of those who lie, desolate, and misinform to claim their dominance in the name “God.”

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