Assaying a person’s hardness or softness of their character is something we do more and more nowadays. Especially in this terror stricken society of violence where each individual could be a threat. “Lone Wolf!” What is the degree of hardness or softness within an individual to determine them to be weak or strong with social character? We often refer to a hardened person as one who is mean and incorrigible, such as a hardened criminal. Yet, to assay an individual as being soft is to acknowledge their tenderness as someone who “couldn’t hurt a fly.” Would we venture to say that a hardened individual has less worth to a civil society and a soft person has more worth?

We know that no one is hardened to the point of violence who possesses qualities such as meekness, gentleness, and goodwill. Often those tender qualities are assayed as weak and worthless. Even so, I think the security of the spiritual fruit works much better than a lot of the security devices we undergo from day to day! May we learn to assay one another according to the qualities of the spiritual fruit for the love of the worth of our society.

via Daily Prompt: Assay

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