The Light, the Door, the Key

Lights, doors, and keys are very common elements in our day to day living, and those elements are the basics of education. Doors are the central focus because we need the light to see the keyhole in the door and we need the key to open the door. There are also doors of our inner life creating a necessity for the light (knowledge) of the keys to open those doors. Openness of mind and spirit is essential. We open a door because there is something on the other side of that door that we want to experience. With the proper lighting and the right key a particular door will open. Spiritually, the door opens into a divine presence of supernatural life; knowledge enables us to be aware of the fluid inner processes transpiring within; and keys are the qualities of thoughts and emotions that opens the door into the internal kingdom.

Shining a light through the keyhole of the door would make us aware of all the potential on the other side. The potential empowers us to make sense of the relationship of external experiences with internal feelings and thoughts. It is a learning process. A specific key causes the opening of that door. For example, accept the encouragement to live your daily life with the key of optimism, including joy, goodness, and faith. You will then be able to live in the light of why so many people are so pessimistic, despairing, and evil towards you. They want the door of the internal kingdom kept shut and with the lights off! However, with an open door, a person is able to perceive motives, purposes, and agendas of others through the spiritual fruit. Kindness, goodwill, and love are also keys within our attitude that opens the door to enlightenment and a keener perception of the world. Actually, it is through hatred, ill-intentions, and cruelty that prohibits the door of social harmony from opening. What type of person would want that light off and that key to be lost? Is it a peaceful person, or a meek person, or even a gentle person who uses their time and energy to keep you in the darkness of violence, conflict, aggression, and harshness? In times when our spiritual qualities are under assault, we need much patience, self-control, and perseverance. We should never give-up nor act out-of-control nor be destructive with impulsive reactions. On the other side of the door we see continuance of life through spiritual attitudes. The light of knowledge, the opening of the door, and the spiritual key are ours through the fluidity of soft and tender attitudes.

Education of the health of internal spiritual fruitfulness is essential.
The mountains, valleys, and blossoms of the earth enlightens us to the processes of our inner life. Mountains can be seen as a “mountain of resources,” the valleys represent “low periods” of our life, while the blossoms show us what we can experience with endurance. Educating others and ourselves on the mountain of internal spiritual resources will enable us to make it through the droughts of life. We should know that eventually we will come through emptiness with fruit blossoming in the spirit. The key that opens the door to blossoming spiritual fruit includes qualities of perseverance, patience, and self-control. Those three qualities act as a light to shine in the darkness where there exist terminal attitudes. Terminal attitudes include the desire to give-up when we seem to be out of internal resources; to become impatient during extreme drama; and to become impulsively out-of-control during a lack of constructive results. While some will welcome the light like a plant welcoming water, others will try to prevent every drop of water with dramatic behavior in their attempt to keep the door shut.

Education of the regulatory functions of our inner processes is essential. The natural elements of the ice bergs, snow, and ice plains enlighten us to spiritual regulating functions. Teaching oneself to control hostile emotions and thoughts is part of this process. Ice bergs represents the knowledge we hold in our head, the snow represents putting a little ice on negative feelings, and the ice plains represent guarding the oceans of positivity of our inner life. Maintaining the open spiritual door comes about by spiritual knowledge so that we learn to guard the key of the spiritual fruit. Meekness, gentleness, and peacefulness are qualities within the key that opens the door to spiritual tranquility. Keeping those qualities in mind enables us to regulate inner turmoil that might lead to cruel and aggressive violence. An inner life full of light generates a spirit that shines with calm.

Education of the flowing internal waters of spiritual nutrition is essential. Think of the flowing waters of life as being the tenderness within yourself that enables warm social interactions. Then make an inventory of the ocean of those qualities that are a part of you. The waters of life trickle into you like raindrops to form the rivers of continuous flow. Those waters consist of love, kindness, and goodwill and comprise the character of the key that opens the spiritual door. The light we emit from our spirit should be one of a welcome to social inclusion to give a sense of warm belonging to one another. Hatred, ill-intent, and cruel words hinders fruitful interaction. Internal waters provide the key and light to open the door to education of spiritual life, which is an education that enhances social interaction.

Education of the divine worth of each person’s inner potential is essential. The 5th Element can teach us something about mutual respect. Think of the 5th element as something that describes an impact on the other four elements of earth, ice, water, and fire. Then, think of your worth and the worth of others in a similar way. For example, earthquakes do not demonstrate much worth for the earth; global warming eliminates the ice masses; a lack of water causes draught; and raging fires destroy everything. In each of these incidents, there is not much respect shown to the natural four elements. In a sense, the Fifth Element is a doorway by which the spiritual fruit is the key for impacting each other’s life. Shining a light to educate others on a force beyond ourselves helps to teach the divine worth of each individual. Respecting ourselves and others requires an impact of a positive force, like the positive side of the 5th Element. We should respect the fruitful blossoms of one another’s internal earth; to respect the internal regulatory system that adds a little ice to negative attitudes; to allow the waters of tender attitudes to flow freely from within; and to allow the fiery compassion to motivate our love for humanity.

Education of the generation of internal positive energy is essential. The Sun, lightening, and fire provides a perfect illustration of this. We know that all life grows in the direction of the Sun, that is positive energy. Electric is something that generates energy, such as to energize the lighting in every home, and something like that empowers the body. Additionally, fire can spread “like wildfire” and represents the motion and momentum of the body’s comings and goings. Our influence should be a combination of those three. Positive energy is found in the spirit of joy, faith, and goodness (that is known as optimism). Those three elements are keys that shines a light behind the closed door where pessimism, despair, and evilness lurks. The light of that positive energy will be met with gratitude, or will be met with aggression, spiritual ridicule, and an effort to halt your endeavors.

We can assess that lights, doors, and keys are essential for a natural life as well as a spiritual life. Schooling should depend on those elements within the educational process. The diagnosis is that some people manipulate the lights, doors and keys of the natural world in adverse ways. Their intent is to cause the  door of the spiritual realm to shut by bringing an outage of knowledge to hide the keys of the spiritual fruit. Even so, we plan to be enlightened with the knowledge of spiritual attitudes; and to encourage the opening of the door of the internal kingdom; and to use the key of the spiritual fruit to keep the door open. We know our plan is successful when we live in awareness of the internal door and we carry the keys within our spirit, thoughts, emotions, and behavior.

Some people want to deny us the light of awareness of the spiritual door within our inner self. Their intent is to obscure the keys of the spiritual fruit that opens the door to the spiritual kingdom. The school of spiritual enlightenment is under siege They attempt to short-circuit knowledge by using conflict, anger, and interpersonal friction. If they can shut out peace from your emotions and thoughts then they feel they can shut the door to the spiritual realm. Simultaneously, they use pessimism, despair, and negativity to shut the door to the joy of optimism. They create a negative and violent atmosphere as they turn off the lights, shut the doors, and obscure the keys. Their interactions with others are bargaining processes to steal away your internal spiritual awareness in exchange for gaining command of your thoughts, feelings, and actions. Acceptance of the internal spiritual reality comes through acceptance of fruitful knowledge, openness to fruitful attitudes, and cherishing the keys of the spiritual fruit.

There are populations of people that have the same manifesto of intending to close and lock the spiritual door. Their tactics include causing the outage of spiritual knowledge as well as to make unavailable the keys of the spiritual fruit. The diminishing of spiritual education is engraved within their intent. Attitudes exiting from their words and behaviors reveal their intent to close the open mind, to harden the spiritual fruit, and to close the door to internal enlightenment. Anything they say or do will be to “defund” the wealth of benefits deriving from the spiritual fruit.

Transference of the intent to defund the wealth of spiritual education comes through direct and indirect routes. Directly, there are those who know that the light of knowledge and the keys of spiritual fruitfulness opens the mind and spirit to internal freedom. Opposition to that internal freedom results because they need direct control over what you think, feel, and do. Indirectly, the intent to close the mind and spirit comes through those whose mind has been darkened, their spirit has been withered, and they live for the rewards given behind locked and hidden doors. Their behavior has been modified through positive reinforcement of closure and negative feedback for openness.

People will allow attitudes to enter themselves that are against spiritual knowledge and education because they have something to hide! The secrets that are under lock and key thrive in darkness as they make it their mission to keep the keys out of reach of everyone they encounter. Those keys of the spiritual fruit are capable of unlocking the guarded secrets of inner life. When there is education that brings to light the ability to open the door of the spirit, there are no secrets that would not come to light. People become conditioned to opposing the light, the door, and the key through behavioral modification. Through their sense of esteem they are given non-spiritual rewards and praise for protecting the closed door by attacking the light and obscuring the keys. That is positive reinforcement for closure of the spirit. Through their desire to belong socially, to feel wanted, and to sense a feeling of love they are fed social interaction. That occurs only if that interaction transpires amidst closed doors and with lights out. That is positive reinforcement for not sharing knowledge and for prohibiting the use of the keys during mingling. Negative feedback comes in the manner of ridicule and disparagement for welcoming the light and key that opens the door. Negative feedback also comes in the form of social friction, backbiting, and isolation for teaching others the essential of spiritual life.

Who are the people most susceptible to welcoming a dark world under lock and key? They are those who have heard nothing of the word forgiveness. Susceptible hosts may have made a very embarrassing mistake that they want to keep hidden. The ridicule of that coming to light is too painful to bear. From there, they are easily persuaded to keep the lights off, to close the door, and keep the key out of reach of others. They begin to live a natural world of possessions, money, and every worldly thing in order to avoid the light of spirituality. Forgiveness enables light to facilitate the use of the spiritual key to open the goodness of the soul’s door.

We can interrupt the cycle that shuts off the light, closes the door, and hides the key to spiritual living. We do that by being a source of knowledge of the positive side of life.  The key will open the door to an internal spiritual kingdom through qualities such as joy, optimism, love, compassion, peace, tranquility, perseverance, and endurance. Humanity needs to know that the door of our inner life opens into a fruitful realm that overcomes the negativity of the external world. Be a spiritual educator.

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