Pies, pastries, crème-filled donuts, and more are all made with the yummy insides encrusted by dough. Hesitation is with me as I type the yucky, yucky stuff that are encrusted; such as the gook of a pimple encrusted by the flesh. Maybe if I tone it down a bit and mention the hot molten rock encrusted by the earth to form a volcano. Either way, whether pastries or the other stuff, the inside is what really matters.

Sure, the heart encrusted by flesh and bones is what keeps us alive, but I have another idea about that too! I’ve seen people as sweet as a pastry do a lot to improve themselves and others. Whatever is within them they have emotions and a spirit that makes the world a sunnier place. Then again, I’ve seen people as fearsome as volcanos and repulsive as a pimple and within themselves they purpose to bring death and fear. The spirit, attitude, or emotions are just as important in keeping us alive as the heart. A stormy person is definitely hard on life, whereas a sunny person makes life a little more bearable.

Although we are encrusted with flesh, blood, and bones, may our inner life be filled with the positive energy of spiritual fruit. Share a smile, show some love, be gentle, be caring, be peaceable and let those qualities be what we are made of.

via Daily Prompt: Encrusted

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